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Bold OS Found Online!

The Sabbath is over and sure enough we have another Bold OS for you. SecretAgent478 sent me in a link for OS for the Bold.

MIRROR UPDATE: Download @ Megaupload

Download @ Rapidshare

Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Keep the tips coming!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. yeah buddy! 🙂 Get it while it’s hot

  2. Supposedly, this is a good one. At least that was what I heard. Not sure if further testing revealed more issues.

  3. Hope this is better than .245 !

  4. When I try to update to .247, I get a Fatal Error on DM … Not sure why ..
    I’m stuck at .244!!

  5. I don’t know what else has changed from the earlier versions, but I’ve never seen the thumbnails load so fast.

  6. Man, it seems Bold updates are flying out faster than Storm updates now. We haven’t had an OS leak in what, two weeks now? Come on RIM ninja’s, we know that at least .113 is out there somewhere and we really NEED the new text selection method!

  7. Hey guys we put them up as soon as we get them. I just put up the new OS for the 8900 Curve. They tend to come out during the weekend… Hopefully the storm will get some loving but I have not heard anything

  8. Another mirror thanks to Agent 003

  9. Wasn’t bustin’ on you R.
    I guess you couldn’t see my tongue firmly planted in my cheek as I typed… 😉

  10. Hello,

    Has someone updated with this? what new bugs are present on it?


  11. It looks like the .rem file problem is fixed, also you now can select the hidden option in media. But when the screen blacks out and you press the BB button it opens up the menu screen depending on what you are in. Good OS so far.

  12. Looks like also if you have your BlackBerry messenger settings to show busy while on the phone it doesn’t change back right away if not at all.

  13. This version is good, much better than the 244 and 245 ones.
    Battery performance is back up after it went down in the 23X versions.
    As previously mentioned, .rem nightmare is solved finally. If decryption is removed, the extra extension is removed as well.
    The only thing I can see now is the menu button performing its function instantly instead of bringing up the screen light. The track ball and back key are fine though.
    Picture scrolling is back up to speed from the 244 and 245.
    The only issues I haven’t seen resolved were the battery charging from the computer and the video playback which causes overheating.
    This version is GOOD.

    • I just realized that it doesn’t support all the languages as the older versions did.
      Other than that I don’t see anything major.
      Oh, one time I couldn’t put my Bold into standby mode, had to restart the phone to get it working right.

  14. Has anybody else come across a browser issue where you can’t click links on pages where you used to in previous versions?

  15. A lot of problems during the charging.
    I must ti watch the phone from time to time to introduce the pin code 🙁

  16. Hey all,

    I just upgraded to .245 and noticed a problem with my camera function..
    After taking a picture, it doesn’t save at all where it had on the previous upgrade.
    Not just saving, I couldn’t delete it as well, it always gave me this notice:

    “! Picture could not be deleted”

    Also, my trackball sensitivity is whacked, takes a while to scroll vertically/horizontally..
    Could this be.a bug from the .245 upgrade? Does it have any relations with the jpeg.rem format?

    If I upgrade to .247 will this problem be solved?
    Any help would be highly appreciated, I’m stumped as to why this is happening 🙁

    Currently using: BB Bold 9000
    PIN: 255F1078

  17. hi guys…

    just upgraded from .245 to .247 and my problems with file encryption on my sd just went away. The files that were already with the .rem extension just kept that way. Now every file i save to the sd doesn’t get that .rem thing.

    Unfortunately I have this call dropping issue since i got my BOLD. I’ve read that it’s the 3G network that is not working well with the device. Hope RIM work this issue ASAP, cause it’s really annoying to have to make the same call 3 times because of this.

    I keep my BOLD working in 2G because of this. A total device-waste. Well, I’ll just wait for RIM’s solution.

    have a nice day everybody.


  18. I’ve upgraded from .237 to .247, I highly recommend this update to all the folks. the quick browse key was what i was looking for!

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