Wonderful Remote – Remote Control Your TiVo With Your BlackBerry Over Wi-Fi

BBTiVo Frank let me know that his team has released a new application called Wonderful Remote. For a relatively cheap $2.99 this application lets you control your TiVo from your BlackBerry over Wi-Fi. Not sure why this is limited only to working over Wi-Fi but I am sure there is a reason. (My guess is latency) So far it supports the Bold, 8900 Curve, & 8350i Curve and works with TiVo-HD and Series3 devices.

From what I can tell it lets you use your BlackBerry as a mouse and keyboard for your TiVo. Check out the details at www.wonderfulremote.com. There is a free 48 hour trial after which you will need to pick up the application.

You can check out a video of it in action after the jump…

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  1. Hi Ronen,
    Thanks for the write up. The Curve 8320 is now supported and we’ll be adding support for the 8820 this weekend.
    Wonderful Remote connects directly to your TiVo via its telnet remote control interface over your local area network. This is why wifi is currently required. We are currently assessing the option of supporting devices without wifi, this would involve users running a gateway service on their home PC’s to relay commands from the cell phone network to the TiVo on their home network.

  2. Looks like a cool program. It’d be great if you could see what’s on the BlackBerry. FYI…you can’t see a thing on the BB screen of that video.

  3. Tivo probably limits remote access to the local subnet so wifi is the only option unless you mess around with address translation for inbound connections, something that is not supported in the average consumer grade Internet router.

  4. @Brandon:
    I wish I had a better camera to record the video with! Here is a link to a screenshot of apps main screen:
    I would of course encourage you to download the app and try it out. There is a 48 hour trial period where you can use it for free.

    It would be possible to run a service on a PC on the same subnet as the TiVo then have that service open a port on the home router via upnp, or open a bidirectional connection to a web service that your bb would relay messages through. I am thinking about prototyping this but I’m concerned about latency, as you’d be going bb -> bis/bes -> wonderful remote web service -> home network gateway/relay service -> tivo.

  5. A proxy would work but I bet latency will be a killer as well. I got a VZW broadband card and I sometimes get 1 sec latency according to XP ping. That’s worse than some satellite links I’ve used. Add that to all those hops you listed and well… I guess you get serious delays.

    If you got a linux machine lying around you can set up xinetd to be a TCP proxy for port 31339 without having to code your own.

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