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vPost: Easily Send Emails With Pictures, Audio, Video, & GPS

vpostreleased Our buddy Kyle at BBCool let me know that vPost is now out of private beta. In case you don’t remember vPost is a media uploading application that lets you easily send any combination of pictures, video, audio, text, and GPS via email. It essentially simplifies attaching these things to an email by bypassing RIM’s servers. The cool part is that you can use this ability to send images or even blog posts via email to systems that support it like Picasa & WordPress that allow uploading via email. The application is available right now as a $9.99 one time charge in the store and they have a free trial available which I recommend you check out first. if you are curious about the functionality I would recommend checking out their FAQ which explains most of it. The major caveat is that vPost will only support the Storm in March.

From the description:

vPost lets you capture and email any combination of Pictures, Video, Audio Notes, Text & GPS location using an extremely powerful and simple interface. Once you capture any combination of media you can send it via email to friends, family, colleagues, blogs and social networks. Without vPost it can take over 5 minutes to compose an email with 2 pictures, an audio note, and GPS location. With vPost this task can be done in less than a minute with no hassles. Try vPost today and start sending rich-media to anyone and everyone!
– file a life experience by emailing it to yourself
– share it with close friends while it is happening
– send it to social networks to share with wider circle of friends
– annotate pictures with a voice recording of what actually happened
– send events real time to news agencies (CNN, BBC, etc.)
– send voice notes and get confirmation of email delivery
– send your friends your exact location in near real time.


  • Amazingly easy to capture picture, video, voice and text in “real time”, all from one screen
  • Use your hotkeys for one click voice and picture capture
  • Capture up to FIVE pictures, video, voice in any combination
  • Preview, delete or add any picture, video, voice and text
  • Show or hide your location when sending/sharing your files
  • Quickly enter destination email(s) using your BlackBerry Address book
  • Forward uploads to your favorites with a single click
  • Send uploads to email supported Blogs and Social network sites: Picasa, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, Utterli, Skout,, Radar, CNN iReport, BBC news, etc.
  • ‘Reply’ to any email by sending a vPost attachment
  • Capture up to 1.5MB of media for safe uploading
  • Personalize your vPost screen using your favorite pictures
  • Want to see more…check out the video above!
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  1. Thanks for the Post Ronen!

    There is also a launch video on youtube:

    Happy vPosting!

  2. One little correction.

    This version is for 4.5 & 4.6 (It’s all in the BerryReview store)

    The storm is NOT supported yet.

    We should be releasing an even more powerful version that will support the storm and, all it’s nifty touch-screen features, by the end of March.

    Happy vPosting!

  3. How would we post to other soical networks like Picasa, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress, Utterli, Skout,, Radar, CNN iReport, BBC news, etc. ?

    I didn’t find a way to post it in all of the above. Like say I want Picasa, FB, Flickr and WordPress…from my Blackberry to be posted.


  4. Nice app but no big deal. As a very experienced and long using bb dude, i got an iphone by occasion and that opned my eyes. This 10 dollar app here, would be classified under freeware in the itune store.
    These apps are average and not spectaculous at all.

    To answer to webchetan: There’s an iphone app, cosing 4 dollar, that supports EVERY major blog, including picture uploading (an issue that twitter apps are suffering a long time of), and if you mention wordpress, there’s a free wordpress blog client CALLED wordpress, that actually works for joomla, since joomla has a WP api too.

    The fact is, RIM doesn’t want people to build such applications – they make the money with enterprise deal, now you do the math… if the employees would have some nifty nonsense apps installed like this fart crap app, a lot of companies might consider wheter they should go on with a time consuming gadget like this.

    Have you ever seen any company that makes it soooo hard to learn the basics about theyr API’s, volunteers haning in the official RIM Forums to give support for free? Only being able to compile withitn the BB environment and so on… it is very very clear. They don’t like you, because you don’t fit in RIM’s philosophy ruling the world as largest enterprise mobile tool, with the necessary corporate “flavour”. On Iphone i found google earth, many many great applications, some of them better than those 30 bucks apps (not even to mention the alarm app from BBSmart which is actually a joke, just as it had to take a coder to develop an app that makes it possible to vibrate and ring at the same time… my daughter got a very cheap nokia: it does vibrate and ring, has office installed, can read all the formats, renders flash and much more for less than 300 bucks. To break it down:
    Want to have a very secure device (there’s no security still, because human is his own threath), so we are left with the second plus: A tremendously serious Phone, (some would call it damn boring, lacking fundamental features, and overpaid apps to get it done… like that dude, asking about 50 dollars for the usage of a pdf reader for 3 months). But it’s often like that: Once you bcome a purist, searching your daily blogs and community, nothing could every change your mind, even if the phone had no keyboard, you might still defend it and bash others like the iphone.) Last but not least, bb users are snubs from environments with money, and if you are a real developer, you know, the last once we can stand or serve are thes suit and tie fuxors that hardly know where the power button is.

    Conclusion: BB is an overpaid phone, lacking of rudimental features, and as many paradoxum in this world, with a “day for” community.
    Did i tell you that my mother watches flash movies on her LG, while i use to break my head about a few silly and primitive SVG commands?
    Have it the way you like it: Bash me, insult me, or come with reasonable argments what else than lacking awarness of the latest smart devices being the reason to stick with a heavyweight peace of metall, driven by two scumbacs that are using another phone brand themselfe.

  5. BlackBerry’s armed with vPost will blow any iPhone-app combo out of the water for sharing high quality pictures & video.

    iPhone has no flash, no video, and lousy email.

    Chetan, to answer your question, you need to configure email addresses with the mentioned sites so they can receive files via email.

    vPost lets you share the moment however you like. Share rich-media with a single person, multiple people, or larger audiences. You’re in control with vPost.

    vPost 2.0 has just been released and now supports Storm & up to 15 attachments.

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