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123Spoof For BlackBerry – Caller ID Spoofing, Call Recording, & More

spoof123_BlackBerry A friend of mine, Danny, with 123Spoof showed me a beta of the 123Spoof BlackBerry application a few weeks back and I was suitable impressed. We were at a lounge and he called me from a different number and sounded like a woman. Which made me wonder… Talk about a way to freak out your friends. On the other hand I can see 123Spoof having uses other than just prank calling.

NOTE: This is one of those applications that you either love or hate. If you love it enjoy, if you don’t that is also your right. 🙂 Just don’t blame me when your wife, significant other, or friend takes it out on you after you spoof them. Let me know what you think in the comments!

123Spoof just released their BlackBerry application that lets you:

  • Modify your caller ID to whatever you want
  • Completely alter your voice to male or female
  • Record your call and play it from your BlackBerry
  • Make international calls using the 123Spoof as a calling card
  • Or send your call straight to your recipients voicemail box

Its got some useful features including:

  • Free ad supported version with limited features
  • Local access numbers in 40+ countries
  • You can spoof call internationally
  • Integration with your BlackBerry contacts
  • Listen and forward call recordings from your BlackBerry

OTA download:

I think one of the coolest features is that you can easily email the call recording to someone from the app. I can see this having some business uses for that. On the other hand you could also be using it nefariously to record some great prank calls. Keep in mind that calls all go through their system so you are giving up a certain amount of privacy when you use this service…

There is a free and paid version of the 123Spoof service. The free version makes you listen to ads before it connects the call and the paid version makes you buy a lump sum of credits. Some features such the voice changer do not work in the free version but the caller ID spoofing still does.

The application integrates with your BlackBerry contacts making this a simple and easy to use service for both business and fun.   To test this application, I called my wife (by pulling it from my contacts, just select phonebook) from my BlackBerry, but displaying my office number on the Caller ID (pulled from my contact’s as well). Then I walked into the house, while we were still on the phone. You should’ve seen the look on her face.

I was also interested in the straight to voicemail feature. You just check the option that says straight to voicemail. Then, place the call and your call will side-step the other persons phone ringing and your call will be forwarded straight to their voicemail. Then a “missed call” will appear on the person’s cell phone along with your message. (If only I had this years ago…)

To be fair, the voice changer option is fairly decent compared to other ones out there but still does not sound 100% human.  Don’t have unreasonable expectations, it won’t make the Hulk sound like Angelina Jolie, but it definitely disguises your voice and can change it to sound like the opposite sex.

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  1. I downloaded this program and removed it quickly yesterday. too many bugs… I called a number in my contact list and it ended up calling someone from another area code and instead of going to the voice mail I made a direct contact. Calls never went straight to the voice mail. So far I’m keeping Slydial, it works much better. But I’m willing to give this program another chance once they fix all the buggies.

  2. It really doesn’t work at all…

  3. I like this. I listened to a short ad and the went through as expected with the spoofed number. Its great for my business as I use a virtual PBX service and when I need to return call forwarded to my cell it show the business 800 number instead of my cell.

    The site is a little confusing. At least on my Alltel Curve most of the links had me going no where. Alas, beta it is.

  4. I agree rumour. The direct to voicemail didn’t work for me. I have found that when you dial out it dials a 212 area code number, which I am assuming is there routed exchange. It seems to be the same everytime so if that is the case I can add that number to Alltels mycircle and really have “free” calls.

    Keep in mind this is the beta and users like you and me help to make the official release all that much better.

    One think I would like to see is a “free” trial of the enhanced features, voice recording and change voice, instead of having to pay for a pin. That way ypu aren’t dropping $10 to try this service. Even a onetime 30 second demo trial would be great.

  5. Thanks for the Feedback, right now we are still working on the straight to voicemail feature. On some networks it works perfectly on others it produces a ring sometimes. I will post as soon as this is solved. Thanks for your patience.

    As far as the different number goes….
    In order to make calls using 123SPOOF’s advanced features, your calls are sent through one of our ‘Access Numbers.’ If you live in America, this number will probably start with 212. When your call is placed, stay on the line as your call is being connected. You will still reach your desired party.

    Also please feel free to email me directly, [email protected] I’ll be happy to help with any problems your having.

  6. Works great for me. Good job! Ty

  7. doesnt work on my cincinnati bell curve 8300

  8. i just read it charges 0.16cents a minute, i didn’t know that before and made numerous test calls…

  9. Good Evening Everybody,

    I want to start by sharing some great news! We have recently released BETA version 1.0.4 which addresses alot of the problems people have been having.

    Check it out by navigating to from your blackberry! Thanks everyone for your feedback

    Also K__dam, You will not be charged for those calls, our rates are based on if you decide to use our prepaid service. If you are using free call mode, your calls are paid for by the advertisers.

    Happy Spoofing Everybody!

  10. I’m going to try to program again… and share my thoughts. Thanks for keeping us updated on the changes.

  11. Hey Everybody,

    Just wanted to let you know we recently released version 1.0.5, This version adds lots of bug fixes, and better network reliability. Please upgrade to the new version!


    • Will my Spoofcoder work with my Blackberry if I am calling back to the U.S. with an international calling card, or do you suggest calling directly without the calling card.

      • I recommend calling without the calling card, Just make sure you go into setup and choose a local access number to dial into, For instance if your in Canada, make sure you select a Canadian access number, this way your phone isn’t dialing long distance to our service.

  12. Loving the application but the emailed recordings aren’t working. I get the email with a link but its an invalid link. Its this link, I blocked the last part so I am not putting out our recording to everyone but… this localhost.localdomain thing is bogus.

    Any suggestions? Its a hilarious call and was wanting to share. 🙁

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