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SpeedTest Your BlackBerry Upload & Download Speeds Free

speedtest[1] Greg let me know about this cool free tool from Xtreme Labs that lets you speed test your BlackBerry internet connection. We mentioned a similar tool from Cisco a bit back but that was only for the Storm. SpeedTest works on all trackball BlackBerrys and the Storm so now everybody can get in on the fun! You can even email a report to your friends easily from the app.

Here are my 3G speeds on AT&T with my Bold in Manhattan:

Avg.Download Speed: 1334.27Kbits/s
Max.Download Speed: 1588.95Kbits/s
Avg.Upload Speed: 75.8Kbits/s
Max.Upload Speed: 114.28Kbits/s

Post your results in the comments below!

You can pick it up free at this link OTA or read more at this link

Also via CrackBerry

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  1. You say your bold had download speeds of 1334kbits/s
    Well, that’s not possible via 3G. You were clearly connected to WIFI. Disconnect from WIFI and re test

    • Michael you always need to mind the notation. The speed is in KiloBITS not KiloBYTES which is a world of difference. 1334.27 Kilobits translates into 166.78 Kilobytes per second which is totally possible over 3G. In fact it is actually quite slow compared to the theoretical limit which is in the Megabits.
      Calculate for yourself

    • I see no posts on a speed test for the BB 8350I
      Using the Extream Lab speed test for the 8350I
      Upload 23.93 Kbits
      Max upload 26.09 Kbits
      Download 6.93 Kbits
      Max download 42.37 Kbits
      That is not the best only the test I ran right before this post

  2. You’re correct, my error..For some reason I thought I saw kbytes….

    with that said, I’m getting:
    71.17 kbits/s DOWN
    4.03 kbits/s UP

    1837 kbits/s DOWN
    1500 kbits/s UP

    based upon those results…It seems the program might not be working properly…

    I had two other 3G bold try this at two diff locations…they had similar results…

    • I had about 83kbs-DL and 34kbs-UL on a BB curve on VZW— I think the program is working fine because it would explain why it takes seven years to load a website despite paying $30 a month and being connected to the “1XEV” Data network that VZW seems to think is high speed but seems more of like an overpriced dialup connection.

  3. Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

    VZW 8330
    Hampstead, NH

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg.Download Speed: 56.96Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 59.52Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 20.72Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 53.6Kbits/s

  4. here are mine for 8300 on at&t…no 3g and no wifi of course..

    d/l = 45.56 kbits/s
    max d/l = 77.36 kbits/s

    u/l = 26.42 kbits/s
    max u/l = 40.71 kbits/s

  5. Carrier=Telstra
    Connection Type: MDS (not direct)
    Avg.Download Speed: 610.31Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 1866.8Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 33.49Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 42.12Kbits/s

  6. Nope doesn’t work for my 8330 curve from telus. I get an Uncaught exception:java.lang.lllegalArgumentEx ception

    I was hoping to really try this out.

  7. BlackBerry 8330 on VZW in Union, NJ:

    Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg.Download Speed: 1212.68Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 1581.59Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 52.67Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 88.02Kbits/s

  8. BlackBerry Storm (Verizon) in Santa Cruz, CA (inside a building)

    Down: 1,277.51 Kbits/s
    Max Down: 2,189.9 KBits/s

    Up: 76.28 KBits/s
    Max Up: 86.5 KBits/s

  9. BlackBerry 9530 Storm VZW in NE Ohio

    down 186.68
    max. down 186.68

    up 120.93
    max. up 135.86

  10. there was an update this afternoon Avg.Download Speed: 458.35Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 458.35Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 59.36Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 75.87Kbits/s

    Tmobile Edge

  11. 9530
    Manassas VA

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg.Download Speed: 381.03Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 381.03Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 348.09Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 387.59Kbits/s

  12. (above post should have been

    Manassas VA

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg.Download Speed: 91.9Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 118.25Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 25.97Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 75.87Kbits/s

  13. Verizon EVDO strom 346 mAx download

  14. 8830/
    Verizon Wireless

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg.Download Speed: 1211.95Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 1626.78Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 61.59Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 66.75Kbits/s

  15. VZW 8330
    Tampa, FL
    Avg Download 117.77Kbits/s
    Max Download 165.99Kbits/s
    Avg Upload 32.96Kbits/s
    Max Upload 75.64Kbits/s

  16. This app is BROKEN, like every other speed test app for a Blackberry I’ve tried. It reported over 80Kbps download on my GPRS 8900. My GPRS network isn’t capable of 80Kbps!!!

    I think this may be because the data is going through the BIS, which is is further ‘compressing’ the data used for the test. So the app thinks it’s got all the data quicker but actually it’s just because there’s less of it as it goes through the BIS.


  17. 5. Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry: VZW 8330, NH Connection Type: CarrierAvg.Download Speed: 56.96Kbits/sMax.Download Speed: 59.52Kbits/s Avg.Upload Speed: 20.72Kbits/sMax.Upload Speed: 53.6Kbits/s by LawTownPoPo on 2009-03-04 at 2:26 pm 6
    Then at the same place @
    Thu, Mar 5, 2009 05:09:17
    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg.Download Speed: 162.38Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 281.86Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 58.61Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 72.6Kbits/s

  18. @Wibbly:
    GPRS provides data rates of 56-114 kbit/s. 80 is well within the range.

    Have you tried the Cisco speed test app recently mentioned?

    Also, these speed test apps in general use uncompressable data exactly because of such caching sites in the path between you and them. Caches are pretty smart and recognize data they should not try to compress and just pass it through.

    I DO believe this app (as well as most other speed tests) is using TCP though. So it is not a good indicator of MAX streaming speed since TCP has to wait for every packet to be acknowledged, but it is good at indicating relative speed for web surfing and such.

    I for one would LOVE to see these folks launch a web site where one can prowl that stats and see google maps mashups of results. Be a great time waster to be able to surf around a map and see “heat” indications of speeds folks get since this app could easily get either gps or cell tower info and have it in their results. Of course ask the user first before snagging any data and DO NOT pull any identifiable info (no ESN, IMEI, PIN, email address, etc.) since some would have privacy concerns.

    • *MY* network will not support 80Kbps+. RIM’s BIS *DOES* do data compression (most vendors don’t realise this, or design assuming the BIS isn’t in the path), so if the test is using uncompressed data, then it’s deffo broken.

      I don’t think the Cisco app supports the 8900.

      What’s needed is for the test data that’s sent to be compressed random data. If it’s a jpg (for example) that’s a particularly bad choice as images are recognised as such and subject to further compression.

  19. … I noticed you did indeed say these tests should use uncompressible data.

  20. Avg.Download Speed: 2234181.8

    With Blackberry Storm O2 Germany

  21. Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg.Download Speed: 139.28Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 170.64Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 43.56Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 51.07Kbits/s

  22. Rogers Bold 3G

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg.Download Speed: 2082.41Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 2639.48Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 84.06Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 88.18Kbits/s

  23. Mar 05 09:11:36
    London, UK

    Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry Bold:

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg.Download Speed: 280.58Kbits/s
    Max.Download Speed: 304.19Kbits/s

    Avg.Upload Speed: 81.56Kbits/s
    Max.Upload Speed: 108.45Kbits/s

  24. Orange Romania Pearl 8100
    Not BIS or BES, just Wap edge
    104.49 115.25
    98.53 119.23 kbit/s

    It is surprising to see you Americans and Australians have so low speeds on 3G and BES. I thought I am third world.

  25. Sprint 8830 World Edition

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Average Download: 390.54Kb/s
    Maximum Download: 424.9Kb/s

    Average Upload: 70.59Kb/s
    Maximum Upload: 75.75Kb/s

  26. Here are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg. Download Speed: 137.16Kbits/s
    Max. Download Speed: 414.09Kbits/sHere are the Speedtest results for my Blackberry:

    Connection Type: Carrier
    Avg. Download Speed: 137.16Kbits/s
    Max. Download Speed: 414.09Kbits/s

    Avg. Upload Speed: 35.56Kbits/s
    Max. Upload Speed: 98.42Kbits/s

    Avg. Upload Speed: 35.56Kbits/s
    Max. Upload Speed: 98.42Kbits/s

  27. 216.27dl

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