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BlackBerry Storefront Now Called BlackBerry App World

blackberrystorefrontRIM has a pretty bad track record when it comes to showcasing BlackBerry applications. First they had the user unfriendly Handango marketplace/storefront (recently improved a bit). Then came the BlackBerry solutions catalog that is full of coding errors and just not user friendly along with PDF’s and buggy JavaScript instead of easy to browse descriptions. Last but not least came the BlackBerry Owners Lounge with its application catalog and you can see how successful that is… The really crazy part is that the last two did not even load on a BlackBerry browser. Usually it is 3 strikes your out but RIM keeps on swinging. Hopefully this time they will get it right!

So far RIM has been off to a good start. They have offered quite a bit of visibility into the storefront App World until to day. First they told us about the PayPal payment system. Then they told us there would be no themes in the Storefront.  Today RIM let me know that they have officially named the BlackBerry Storefront. It will be called the BlackBerry App World. They will be updating the developers site at 10pm EST tonight. At the same time they will launch a sign up page for users to be alerted when the App World goes live at

I don’t understand why RIM is changing the name in midstream before the site is even launched. Its already confusing enough with the BlackBerry Application Center being a different service but I guess that is their prerogative. Maybe they could not get a trademark for BlackBerry Storefront? What about App Universe? Or App Galaxy? 🙂

Now that we are one step closer to launch what do you think? Will the App World (Still sounds weird) be a hit?

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  1. I like the Blackberry Storefront best. That would be my suggestion for the name. It is clean and states exactly what it features.

  2. Last night when the signup page for alerts went live, there were web server issues (i.e., it just “spilled its guts”). All appears to be fixed this morning.

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