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T-Mobile Unlimited Loyalty Plan Goes Nationwide – $49.99

tmobileloyalty It looks like T-Mobile’s test run in San Francisco went well. T-Mobile has made their loyalty program nationwide now allowing for $49.99/month unlimited access for customers who have been with them for 22+ months in good standing with no outstanding balances. From what I can tell you just need to login to your online My T-Mobile account if you are a eligible and you will be offered the plan.

The plans are:

  • Single unlimited plan – unlimited anytime minutes nationwide for $49.99
  • FamilyTalk Unlimited plan – unlimited nationwide minutes for $89.99 for 2 lines – additional lines are $39.99.

The add-on packages are available and this includes [email protected] calling for UMA. A single unlimited plan with BlackBerry seems like it will be $84.99 or $34.99 for each line.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes up the market…

via HowardForums via BoyGenius

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  1. I got it! It’s GREAT!!! 🙂

    If it does not appear on your My T-Mobile account, just call 611 on your T-Mobile phone.

    Unlimited Voice/Blackberry Data Services (single line): $84.98 TOTAL

    Nationwide Service
    LD/Voicemail/Conference Calling
    Caller ID/Call Waiting/Call Forwarding
    Unlimited Anytime Minutes ($49.99)
    Unlimited Blackberry Data with Unlimited Text Msg ($34.99)

  2. This could massively shake things up.

    Sorta makes UMA pointless though, eh?

  3. Still doesn’t seem to be that big of a market shaker with Verizon’s 10 and Sprint’s everything plan. Unlimted calling to 10 people anywhere is kind of amazing or unlimted talk, text, 3g internet, tv, navigation, etc for $99 seem a little better.

    Maybe I’m just biased towards 3g speeds.

  4. The 3G in US is still in childhood days…Its not as fast as the EDGE. So having 3G phones is pointless…I mean I can do with EDGE ones…
    Ofcourse I am a TMobile and I love the Unlimited Plan. But may not jump over it as I have 2 lines and I don’t want to spend more…since I cannot upgrade to just single line…have to do it both…

  5. I think it sucks that this is not offered to all T-Mobile customers. I’m on Flexpay but still am locked in to a contract for 2 years…and when I called 611 they said because I’m a Flexpay customer then can’t give me this deal. I keep finding reasons to dislike T-Mobile with every day that goes by.

    • Well just sign a 2 years contract and you should be good to go…:) I like TMobile a lot no issues since last 10 years 🙂

      • I asked about that when I spoke with the rep, but she said that since it would be a bew contract at that point, I still won’t qualify for another 22 months.

        What a joke, THEY were the ones who talked me out of the regular contract and said I should go with the new Flexpay account…said they were piloting this and are trying to sell it on new customers.

  6. I had to call T-Mobile today over UMA issues with my flip and I asked about this. I’ve been with TMO for almost 4 years and have an excellent history with them. The rep I spoke with said that unless I was invited to it, they couldn’t offer it to me.

  7. I wasn’t invited but found out about this yesterday and signed up. I stay in southern California but supposedly the pilot was only in the San Francisco area and is now available for all those eligible. If you have problems adding it, call back and try it again with another rep. The first time I called the rep told me I didn’t qualify but the second rep pushed it through with no problems. Maybe they alll don’t know about it yet?

    Now with $50 for unlimited talk and unlimited BB text access, I’m in there like swimwear and for less than $100/month!!! Thanks T-Mo.

  8. I go all the way back to Voicestream, which got taken over by TMO, 11 years and I’m a top 5% customer so I got this right away. I got a free plane ticket in December, and I have had phones break while traveling on business and they shipped me a new phone via Fedex, at no charge. I like T-Mobile!

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