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bluCTRL Now Free! Turn Your BlackBerry Into A Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard

image Mackie let me know that he got an email from bluCTRL that it will now be free for any non-commercial use! We mentioned bluCTRL before as a application that turns your BlackBerry into a Bluetooth keyboard for your computer. Making it free really makes me happy. 🙂 Though they are asking for donations to help support the application.

BluCTRL now includes quite a few media functions including:

  • (Vol up/down/Mute)
  • Alt-tab
  • Ability to click and drag
  • double click
  • scroll with different combinations of alt/shift and the trackball

If you already downloaded the bluCTRL trial you can just download their new version at and you will be good to go. Let me know what you think! This is definitely worth a second look.

From the description:

bluCTRL, is an application that turns your BlackBerry into a full wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. With bluCTRL, you can now conduct PowerPoint presentations, surf the web, and control your media center from your BlackBerry. This “in your pocket” convenience works with any Bluetooth enabled laptop or PC, giving you the ability to control multiple machines from a single device.

  • Simple – To start using bluCTRL simply pair your BlackBerry with a PC using the step by step wizard.
  • Easy – Controlling your PC is now as easy as using your BlackBerry trackball and keyboard.
  • Convenient – Now you can control all your PCs using one central input device, your BlackBerry.
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  1. Wonder if this will work as a bluetooth keyboard for my PS3…

  2. This works very well with my HTPC.

  3. Second… me again, anyone else having problems getting to the website?

  4. I had no problems in the last hour. Also, I don’t think it will work with the PS3 unless they write controller software for the PS3.

  5. Error Code 10061: Connection refused when trying to connect to bluCTRL site.

  6. The website is not coming up

  7. nice… gonna try it out right now. thanks for sharing.

    Raza Imam

  8. Website is back up…. a bit disappointed though. I thought it made the BB emulate a standard bluetooth keyboard or mouse. That would have much more appeal for me b/c of the aforementioned PS3 control.

  9. I hope this is a newer version than last time this was mentioned, because even with a guy from my IT department we could not get the PC side BlueTooth part to work.

  10. Make sure you have your phone paired with your computer to begin with

  11. No support for vista 64 bit!! 🙁

  12. I have a Dell bluetooth keyboard and mouse that came with my previous laptop, and they both work flawlessly with my PS3. Sure would be awesome if this would let my BlackBerry work with it as well. I already have my 8830 paired with my PS3 and working as a headset in chat and games, so the keyboard being able to work would be awesome. How cool would it be to sit back and read Berryreview on the 62″ big screen from my PS3, all the while controlling it with a thub on my BlackBerry trackball!!!

  13. THIS DONT WORK FOR WINDOWS VISTA??????? everytime i try clicking on the desktop icon it tells me:

    BluCTRL Receiver has stopped working
    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly, Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

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