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Review: Steelthorn StormLock

Capture13_22_9Review: Steelthorn StormLock
$2.95 USD from the store

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed access to both your hands while on a call, and when holding your Storm under your cheek, you ended up muting or ending the call?  If your answer is yes, then Steelthorn has come up with the perfect solution to your problem with their StormLock software.

Capture12_14_10StormLock is a program that locks your Storm’s screen, either automatically or manually, while on a call.  This prevents the user from accidentally pushing one of the buttons on the screen while in a call.  Personally, before this program came out, I was often pressing the mute button with the side way too often.  Thanks to StormLock, this never happens anymore!

Unlike other similar programs, StormLock has a minimalist approach when integrating with your Storm.  StormLock does not install itself as a separate program, but merely as another “setting” within your options.  As well, when you are in a call, StormLock is simply one of the in call options within your menu.

StormLock includes a bit of customization within their program to fit its users needs.  One feature that comes in handy is its delay feature.  For example, some people may often call in to check their voicemail or another number where an in-call keypad entry is required.  StormLock will allow you to delay its activation for as long as you need allowing its users to enter their passwords and other numbers.

Another feature that StormLock includes is its ability to automatically disable itself when dialing a programmed list of numbers, such as your voicemail or a calling card access number.  Then, while you’re in a call, StormLock allows its users to manually enable the StormLock if desired.  As well, StormLock allows its users to disable the StormLock during a call if desired.

Capture12_13_41 Capture12_14_2

As you can see, StormLock is a very simple, yet very useful, and clean program.  In fact, the program is so clean that it almost looks like it was designed by RIM in the first place.  Frankly, I believe that RIM should have integrated this functionality in the Storm to start…but alas, there are a lot of features RIM should have integrated but did not!  Thankfully, at $2.95, the price to pay for this functionality will not break the bank, especially in these hard times.  While there are other programs available at a lower cost; read: free, I still believe StormLock has the best design and integration out of the bunch!  As well, in addition to an awesome program, Steelthorn has an awesome technical support team if you should need it! As well, they offer free lifetime upgrades for the software!  It is because of this added support that I find the software worth every penny that it costs, giving it a 9.5/10 stars!

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  1. Absolutely! When a program actually does what it’s designed to do…AND, when the program only costs $3 and the company still FULLY stands by and supports their product, they receive the top ratings!

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