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BlackPangolin – Password Protect Your Messages Folder

menu1 Not sure how many people this will appeal to but Tashanna let me know about this new application called BlackPangolin from the newcomer developer Northeast Normal University. It puts a password on your Messages folder so that nobody can read it without entering in a user defined password. I guess people could just use the regular and free BlackBerry password protection but some users want options…

BlackPangolin will deny access to your messages application if you do not enter in the right password. It will log you out when the backlight changes or when you logout manually. It looks like 3rd party applications will still be able to access your messages in this version but the next will let you define which applications can access your messages. For a steep $20 ($18 on sale currently) you can pick it up now but personally I recommend just using the regular password protection…

Product link in the store

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  1. This looks quite promising to me and actually just what I was looking for. It will allow a password just for messages without locking the whole berry and to my knowledge, u canNOT do that with the regular password protection (but please correct me if I’m wrong before I spend my money).

  2. I have the same question as lee. For those of us with kids who like to play the games on our phones, it would be very appealing to have the option of securing our messages from curious eyes!

  3. Does anyone know off a free app that does this?

  4. OMG! I have needed this since 07 when I purchased my first BB. The regular lock doesn’t let you actually lock your messages…would have saved me and my boyfriend a lot of arguments. Hope this app works!

  5. This is something I’m looking for… wished they had a test trial for this program. I’m going to get it anyway if I don’t like I’ll request for a refund.

  6. Ok I purchased this program yesterday and it’s one of the best appli. I have on my phone— I LOVE IT! Works perfectly and to me it was worth the 18.00 I spent because I’m surrounded by nosey folks trying to see whats being said on my Blackberry. Great program!

  7. Come on….I sure it’s a good app…but $20 bucks ok $18 bucks?? I could see even $10 bucks……

  8. butterfly2 I really wanted and needed this program. I wished I didn’t have to pay the price but when it’s all thats available, I had no choice but to purchase it. Like I said, I needed this.

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