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BBLight v1.95 – Free Backlight App Adds Vibe And Ring Functionality

Tom let me know that Chris Miles has added a very useful feature to the free BBLight opensource application. Version 1.95 now adds the ability to make your phone vibrate at the same time it rings. This has been a feature you had to pay for in the past and now you can get it free. Let me know if this works for you in the comments. Nice work Chris!!!

bblightvibe[1] bblightvibe[2]

I definitely recommend checking it out and downloading version1.95 at this link OTA

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  1. And the app only takes up 17.4 KB!

  2. What I’ve wanted out of this app forever is the ability to set a schedule. I want my backlight to be on when charging between 9am and 9 pm. This can’t be that tough right? 🙂

  3. i downloaded the app but dont know how to set up the vibrating and ringer at the same time… unless if it doesnt work for my bberry curve 8320

  4. BB 8900 here and the phone wont vibrate while it is ringing. Any help?

  5. Wibe and Ring DOES NOT work. Hello?!

  6. will this work on the blackberry Storm 9530

  7. I realize it is impossible to figure out on it’s own…simple has never been a strong suit of mine…

    To correctly set up simultaneous vibration and ringing:
    –a) In your active device Profile, set BBlight to Vibrate and Repeat
    —–Notification to None, Number of Vibrations = 1
    –b) In your active device Profile, set Phone to Tone
    –c) In the BBlight application, set “Vibration for Phone Calls” to
    —–something other than 0.

    To turn off simultaneous vibration and ringing for a specific profile:
    –a) In that device Profile, set BBlight to None
    –b) In that device Profile, set Phone to None or Tone Only

    To completely disable simultaneous vibration and ringing:
    –a) In the BBlight application, set “Vibration for Phone Calls” to 0.
    –b) And you can do the following but don’t really need to
    —–In your active device Profile, set BBlight to None

  8. Thanks alot Tateu. That really helped out alot!, it working perfectly on the curve 8320 !!

  9. Regardless of what ring tone is set for BBlight in the device Profile, the ring tone that’s set for the phone itself always runs. I prefer this anyway, but it makes setting the ring tone in BBlight redundant.

  10. Dean,

    That’s why you don’t set a tone for BBLight. You set it on Vibrate only. If it worked where you could set BBlight to “Vibrate + Tone” to get it to vibrate and ring simultaneously, then you wouldn’t need BBlight at all for this because you could then just set Phone to “Vibrate + Tone.” If a profile item (Phone, Messages, etc.) is set to “Vibrate + Tone,” the BB waits for all vibrates to finish before playing the tone. BBlight gets around this OS limitation (if setup the way I described above) because, when a new phone call is received, the BB triggers the Phone profile to play a sound and simultaneously triggers BBlight to vibrate.

    • Yeah, it’s a bit convoluted, isn’t it?

      RIM *really* needs to integrate this functionality into the OS cleanly, and it’s better native than third party. Great OS, but some of the stuff that they leave out, which should be common sense, but you need third party applications to do such basic things like this… where the hell were their heads???

  11. I don’t get the instructions…
    I can’t get it to vibrate and ring???

  12. Hi
    This app is fantastic – the one thing that i love is the ability to now have a clock permanetly displayed on the screen whilst my BB 8100 is charging.
    However, on the downside my phone now keeps chiming every 15 minutes and is REALLY annoying me. I cant work out how to turn this off – does anyone have any ideas?
    Kind Regards


  13. Nice work! Thank you!

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