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MissingLight – Free App Turns LED Purple For Missed Call

Summer let me know about this free app released by Christopher Wong. It essentially turns your LED indicator Purple after you have missed a call so you can easily identify it instead of just the blinking red light. For some reason this indicator is missing on the 8320 on T-Mobile according to Christopher but MissingLight works on my Bold. Cant promise it will work on every device but its worth a shot. Christopher is making the app available temporarily for a few days but just wants to know what devices it works with. Not sure if it will become a paid app afterwards. Let us know if it works for you in the comments and what device you tried it on.

Product description | OTA download link

From the description:

MissingLight is a tiny app that turns on the BlackBerry’s status LED if you miss a call. A BlackBerry uses the status LED for many notifications: incoming call, voice mail, SMS, email etc. Unfortunately, the ability to indicate a missed call is curiously missing from my particular model (BlackBerry Curve 8320 from T-Mobile). MissingLight is my attempt to fill in this missing functionality for the status LED, hence its name.

To use, just install the app. This application will request access to your phone log when you first install it: don’t worry, it only uses your phone log to detect missed calls. If you miss a call, MissingLight will make your status LED blink purple. Because there is only one such LED, different signals can conflict. The missed call light can temporarily turn off the coverage indicator if you enabled it (blinking green). The missed call light can in turn be overridden by the voice mail indicator (blinking red).

I am making this program temporarily available for download for a few days. It’s free for you to use. I only ask that you let me know if it works on your particular BlackBerry model.

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  1. Works on my Sprint Curve 8330.

  2. Works on my bold too 🙂

  3. I have a Sprint 8330 with 4.5 OS and it works great! Based on the description, it wa supposed to ask to associate the program with my phones and it did not.

  4. I’m using this on my bold and it works perfectly 🙂

  5. I’m using it on my curve 8900 running the standard tmo 4.6 OS and it works flawlessly.

  6. Seems to work great on my 8120. I also didn’t have to give any permissions.

  7. It works on 8900 aka Javelin too. Nice apps

  8. Works on my Verizon 8330

  9. Works on my storm 9530

  10. Works verry well on my 8800 (os v

  11. works well on my Verizon 8830. VERY cool. How long does the light keep flashing though?

  12. It works on my 9530, but it doesn’t blink; it just stays on.

  13. This app works on my 8320, as described in the review.
    Missed calls show up as purple, but as soon as another call comes in that leaves a voicemail the LED changes to Red, and will continue to be RED even if you listen to the voicemail. LED will change back to purple if another call is missed.

  14. It works on my 8900! Thanks

  15. Works perfectly on my 8310 v 4.5.124

    • Hello !
      Could u plz guide me how to install this application ???
      I have downloaded the .jad file on my computer and i dont know what to do next ?
      Please guide me plzzzz

  16. vzw 8330 works for missed call but quickly stopped when Aerize Alerts’ pop up showed the missed call. I changed the Aerize Alerts to Email only, and the missed call stayed blinking purple until a voicemail or email arrived. Wish it could detect the missed call logged and stop the blinking purple when the log is opened.

  17. Superb on Pearl here

  18. Works on Rogers 8800 OS 4.5

  19. Using it on the Bold.

    It works when it’s not plugged in!

    But when it’s plugged in, it doesn’t work.

  20. Works on my T-mobile 8900! Thanks!

  21. Works on my bold running

  22. Works on my 8310 with

  23. It works on my bb8320 curve

  24. Works on my Sprint 8830 with OS

  25. Works on Storm. Light is blue not purple and it doesn’t blink

  26. I think it would me more useful if it was purple when the call was coming in

  27. installed and after a missed call it blinks once and then nothing else, also never asked access to phone logs
    8320 v4.5

  28. I have a curve 8300 from AT&T. The missing light indicator went off automatically after 2 to 3 secs, however pl note that I dont use the service indicator light.

  29. The purple light came on but went off within 2 seconds. I use 8300 Curve from ATT

  30. This worked on my pearl 8130 from U.S. Cellular. Thank you

  31. It works on 9500 verizon. Great application!

  32. Works on my 8900 so far

  33. I just downloaded to Sprint Curve 8330. Works fine, no problems.

  34. When tried with Aerize Alerts enabled, the LED flashes purple immediately the call registers as being missed, BUT as soon as the Aerize Alerts pop-up appears, the LED extinguishes, and stays off. I then need to reboot the phone to reenable the flashing green LED network coverage function.

  35. It doesn’t work on my old 8707v as expected. When there is a miss call, the light turns red and just gone.

    Btw, keep it up 🙂 cheers


  36. Works on my 8110 while plugged in and when not plugged in.

  37. Just downloaded on my curve (t-mobile) works great! Love the purple light. Thanks so much!!

  38. Works well on my 9530 running .109. Thanks

  39. Works fine with Bold. Thanks!

  40. Thanks:) Works on Curve 8900.

  41. I downloaded it and it installed fine…it did blink purple and looked good upon a missed call…but then quit blinking after about 8-10 seconds after the missed call…is there something i
    need to adjust in my settings ? TY !!!

  42. on my vzw storm—sorry i forgot that info !!

  43. Works on Alltel Curve 8330 and Pearl 8130. Didn’t ask for permission on curv e but on pearl it did. Blinks until you view missed call. and

  44. Works on Alltel Curve 8330 and Pearl 8130. Didn’t ask for permission on curve but on pearl it did. Blinks until you view missed call.

  45. Seems to work on the 8830 World Mode running OS 4.5

  46. Hi, How do i install this application ???
    Please let me know ???
    I have downloaded the \” .jad \” file on my computer now what next i have to do ???
    Please guide me…

    • Oddly enough, you don’t have to do anything. I struggled with the same thing until, on a whim, I called my cell to see what would happen and he purple light came on.

      Just install it and you’re done!

  47. Oops; didn’t see the last line.

    .JAD files are for OTA install. Follow the link on your BB rather than on your desktop computer.

  48. Works on Pearl 8100 ( Didn’t ask for permission. Blinks until you view missed call too

  49. Works great on my Verizon 8330. Thank you so much! I am thrilled with this app.

  50. It works great on my ROGERS bold. Finally I’ll know when I’ve missed a call. Thank you!!

  51. i have bb 8310 curve OS 4.5.124 and its working 😀
    It did ask for permission ! Is there anything wrong if it asks for permission ???????
    Well if message comes over miss call the indicator turns red from purple !!!
    So far so good 😀

  52. Works great on telus 8330 curve .131 just one thing if you have Aerize install disable it. Works great after.

  53. Works on my VZW 8330 and on my wife’s T-Mo 8320.

    We love this little app!!!!

  54. Works here: 8100/

  55. Installed on my storm but the light is only blue and does not flash.

  56. It’s working great on my 8330-Curve, loaded fine.


  57. This program seems to work alright on my Curve 8900 (, but occasionally when viewing the call log it’ll throw up an “Uncaught exception: Layout requested during layout” and I’ll need to do a battery pull. Otherwise if I’m typing something out, it won’t word wrap the line of text and it just disappears. This only started happening after I installed MissingLight and only seems to happen after I’ve gone into the call log, so I’m assuming it’s related.

  58. Works on my 8820 and 8110 great!

  59. Work on my BB 8820 Thanks a bunch, very cool!!

  60. It works on my 8320 running OS 4.5

  61. Works on 8100 OS: 4.5

  62. Hi. I am the guy who wrote MissingLight. I want to thank all of you for providing such enthusiastic feedback and testing for this app. At about noon today, the stats show that I have given away 5595 free copies of this app.

    The testing period is now over, and MissingLight is now a commercial app that will soon propagate to BerryReview’s software store and other affiliates of Mobihand. I have tried to price it low ($2.95), and I’m looking into ways of bringing the price down further. Of course, those of you who have already downloaded it are welcome to continue using it in perpetuity.

  63. On my 8900 works great. I really like the fact I can now tell if I missed a call, not an email ect.

  64. i had this installed on my Bold, works great i love it, but last night i updated my os and when i tried downloading it, the link doesnt work anymore, would be u able to send me a link to it

  65. Bb’s the best

  66. Can someone email this too me, I missed it, Thanks
    [email protected]

  67. works on my 8130 from sprint.

  68. WEBSITE Not Found

    The requested URL /chris/bb/MissingLight.jad was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
    Apache/2.2.9 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.9 OpenSSL/0.9.7a mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at Port 80

    Where else can i download it ?

  69. It’s not free anymore, look at Wong’s page and you’ll see that, although, there is a zip file to donwload here:

    Go quickly and get your free version! 🙂

  70. Actually, Auad, people have always been able to download MissingLight for “free” from Mobihand or any of its affiliates like Softpedia. This is because I provided a fully functional “free trial” which is actually the real thing so people can try it before buying it. That link you posted is to MissingLight’s free trial download. You are welcome to try it out, but please pay for it if you want to continue using it.

    I’d also like to point out that if you go to the MissingLight product description link in the original blog post, you will find a discount coupon. You’ll also find a free app that I just posted, and this one will remain free.

  71. Evidently this doesn’t work well when combined with the Cerberus Call Filter 1.0.1 on my 8900. Kept giving me all kinds of errors when I went to view call logs and messages, and would sometimes leave the LED blinking forever. Finally had to uninstall it.

  72. thanks it’s working on my bold

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