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Terra Mobility File Manager Pro Now Out of Beta

Tom let me know that the powerful Terra Mobility File Manager Pro application we mentioned before is now out of beta. If you have been looking for a more useful file manager for your BlackBerry then this is it. It even has a free trial after which it is going for a reasonable $11.95. Just looking at the feature list really makes me wish RIM included something like this as a standard file browser with the OS…

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From the description:

File Manager Pro is the new file and Zip archive manager for your BlackBerry. With File Manager Pro, you can manage your files easily and quickly using its intuitive and powerful features. In addition, File Manager Pro allows you to open, create, extract and append to Zip archives that are today’s de facto standard for distributing compressed files.

  • Work with the contents of Zip archives received via email
    • With OS 4.5, your BlackBerry is pre-installed Docs-To-Go and the ability to download email attachments. Often these attachments contain PDF and Office documents that are compressed in a Zip archive. With File Manager Pro you can easily extract these documents for use with applications that natively handle Office and PDF files.
  • Send documents as email from your BlackBerry
    • The BlackBerry has a limitation on the size of attachments that can be sent from your device. Many Office and PDF documents exceed this limitation — either singly or as multiple files — preventing you from emailing them from your BlackBerry. Now you can easily compress one or more documents into a single Zip archive and Send as Email, all from within File Manager Pro.
  • Manage all your files and folders
    • With large capacity Media cards you have the ability to carry thousands of documents on your BlackBerry. But with so many files and folders it can be difficult to manage. With the advanced features of File Manager Pro, managing your files is fast and simple.


  • All Standard File Operations — Copy, Move, Rename, Delete, New Folder and Send as Email. In addition, recursive Copy, Move and Delete operations are supported.
  • Manage Your Zip Archives — Open and browse Zip archives the same as you would folders. Extract all of the contents, or select and extract just a subset. Create new archives or add to existing ones.
  • Select Multiple Files And Folders — Select a range of files and folders, an arbitrary set, or any combination of both. Do any file operation on the selected items, including compressing them into a Zip archive.
  • Fast Access With The Favorites List — Avoid tedious folder navigation by using the Favorites list to quickly access frequently used files or deeply nested folders. Jump directly to your destination with a single click.
  • Sort And View Files Your Way — Sort files by Name, Size, Type or Date, in either Ascending or Descending order. Specify the display of file information, and control the viewing of hidden files.
  • Modify File Attributes — View properties on files and folders, and assign the Read-Only and Hidden attributes.
  • Integrated Text Viewer — Built-in text file viewer that includes a Find feature for text searches.
  • Unsurpassed Performance — Fully designed to give uncompromising performance. Fast file and folder navigation while still providing quick application load time.
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  1. It is good that FileManagerPro is out of beta but is there any way to find out the change log of this version from the beta version Basically whatever features are listed are also available in the beta version.

    • The most significant changes relate to improved support for the Storm. Here’s the list of changes:
      – Multi-Selection of files and folders for the Storm
      – Fast scrolling (swipe) of file lists on the Storm
      – Ability to add files as Favorites
      – Resolved application permission related issues
      – Added Cancel menu for file operations
      – Fixed created zip files being flagged by email virus scanners
      – Added Audio and Video file type icons
      – New application icon for Precision theme
      – Made file name hot keying case insensitive
      – Fix error when attempt to extract files with Media card encryption enabled
      – Miscellaneous bug fixes

  2. RIM should looking buying this software and making it part of all the new OS. when you have a 16gb card (soon to be 32gb) file management is very important and sometimes you dont always have the time to spend 20 mins to organize your 4000 wallpapers or 300 songs. Trying to do it with the default file manager is going to take you days to do. Ive got a Bold now but when I had my Curve or worst my pearl trying to sort even a small number of files to the proper folders was a nightmare.

    I still can’t believe how well and fast it handles. 12$ is very reasonable considering its usefullness

  3. So what happens to those of us running the beta? The app is still working for me now at least.

    • The beta will time out in a few days. At that point you can purchase the product or download the final release. The final release has a 7 day trial, so you can check that out first if you had any reservations. That may be of particular interest for Storm users, since there has been improvements specifically targeted for them.

  4. Can you advise if there’s any plan to have it support encryped zip files? Or at least password-protected zip files?


  5. @TerraMobility,

    Will this have a USER License?

    I’m planning on upgrading soon.

  6. I love the product – very fast, and easy to use. I wish you added the ability to send multiple files via bluetooth! Is that function in the works?

    • @Jon,
      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, that’s a feature we have planned though we haven’t defined which version it will be in. We’re currently in the latter phases of our next release, so stay tuned.

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