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AT&T Planning On Complete Migration Of 3G To 850Mhz – Time To Get A Bold…

att3gfire Engadget got some face time with AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega and came out with a juicy tidbit. It looks like AT&T plans on bringing better 3G coverage by moving it off the higher and weaker (shorter range) 1900Mhz to the lower and much stronger 850Mhz frequency. Its planned to end for key cities like New York by the end of 2009!

Here is what that means to AT&T users…

  • If you have a 3G device like the Bold you will be receiving a much stronger 3G signal (read “more bars in more places”)
  • The 850Mhz band is the one that penetrates buildings and gives you reception in elevators
  • The 1900Mhz band is weaker which means that 2G EDGE and GPRS devices will suffer with worse signal strength
  • 2G only devices will notice some serious drops in performance due to higher frequency jitters
  • This does not bode well for a 2G 8900 Curve coming to AT&T

So I guess AT&T is trying to send BlackBerry users a message. If you want good reception get at Bold.

via Engadget via IntoMobile

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  1. What frequency is T-Mo’s 3G?

  2. 1700Mhz

  3. so even if ATT finally brings out the lusty 8900.. its going to be 2G and have bad reception? seriously?

    • I don’t really get why they would release the 8900 at all in the first place (not saying they won’t). They’ve been pushing the upgrade to 3g handsets more and more for quite a while now… Releasing a new 2g handset doesn’t make sense if you’re doing this.

  4. the 8900 won’t have “bad reception”, it just won’t have great reception in certain environments/areas. it won’t be a bad device, just not a great device.

    the problem w/ the 8900 to me is the same problem with every non-3G device that is a complete deal breaker = inability to do simultaneous voice/data! WHY is this not the focal point of everything that is wrong with a data device like a next gen Curve?!?!?!?! it communicates constantly, and yes this does drive a lot of calls to v-mail as a result. completely unacceptable to me.

  5. Hi Kyle, you wrote, “…and yes this does drive a lot of calls to v-mail as a result. completely unacceptable to me.” What exactly do you mean?

    While I do agree that all next gen phones should be able to have simultaneous phone/data capabilities, I have the 8900 and never have a problem with calls being forced to vm.

  6. @Kyle: I have the 8320 and have never had this issue. While on a call I can use GoogleMaps or use my browser (BB Browser or Opera) so I don’t see why the 8900 wouldn’t allow this.

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