Review: BlackBerry Storm Rubberized Plastic Case with Belt Clip

Case I Purchased Review: BlackBerry Storm Rubberized Plastic Case with Belt Clip
Cost: $13.99 USD w/Free Shipping

I was in the market for a case that would be able to stand up to my everyday BlackBerry abuse and I came across this Rubberized Plastic Case. It was pink, which is my all time favorite color & material wise, looked like it would do the trick. It was ordered it & it was delivered to me with in 3 days. Speedy delivery!!! As soon as I got my hands on it I gave it a go & started using it. Read on if you want to know how it ended up getting such a low rating…

Build quality:

Simply put, it’s poor quality. The plastic material feels very cheap, more like compressed styrofoam. The two pieces are flush in some areas but not for all snap connections. I did drop the case on the pavement & the case held together. That’s good, right?

Hand Comparison

I noticed that some parts of my hands were hot pink. Wondered what was going on, did I have some funky disease? Luckily I did not! Actually, it was the paint from the phone rubbing off on my hands. I have scrubbed my hands with soap & water several times now & they are still pink. I am wondering if this case was spray painted – why was there no sealant coat put over the phone? Baffles me.

Case Damage

Ready for the real kicker? The area surrounding the buttons on my Storm have turned a rusted-orange color. Not happy about that at all. I have only had the case on my BlackBerry Storm for 1 week! I can not believe the discoloration & cosmetic damage it has caused in such a short amount of time.

Because this case feels more like a compressed styrofoam, I feel that it will not crack if dropped. Although the phone does fit snugly in the case, it’s not so tight that you risk scratching the phone…just discoloring parts of it.


The back piece is nicely formed and curves well, however the front snap piece is not well curved. I hit a couple snags when using my Storm with this case. My Lock key & Silence key were not easily accessible because the case molding was not aligned with the actual location of those keys on top of the BlackBerry. A friend also commented that the case looked cheap & flimsy. Color-wise, it looks like it was spray painted on, it’s slightly shiny, but not reflective at all. Most of the shine is gone now that there is paint rubbing off on my hands. So to sum it up, the color is just very dull. In the short time I have had the case on Blackberry it has gotten scratched just by simply picking it up & day to day activity. My nails brushing against it scratched the paint. I am assuming this is because there is no sealant over the paint job.

In terms of protection, it has very good coverage of the phone itself.

Overall, I was unhappy with this product. I also did some digging & found other sites were selling a similar case for $6 or so. has an $8.00 mark up! I have no problem paying top dollar for a product as long as I get what I pay for.

VERDICT: Do not purchase this case if you do not wish to inflict damage on your Storm.

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