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NotifySync Adds Direct ActiveSync Support To BlackBerry

NotifySync just announced their new BlackBerry client which adds ActiveSync support to your device. This looks remarkably similar to AstraSync but I am not sure if they are just rebranding their product. (I am mentioning it just in case it is not) The NotifySync product provides wireless direct push email, calendar, contacts and task synchronization to Microsoft Exchange Server, Kerio MailServer, Zimbra Collaboration Suite, and CommuniGate Pro Server.

The NotifySync BlackBerry app gives you a separate email box but interfaces directly with the native BlackBerry calendar, address book and task apps. The NotifySync for BlackBerry app does not require the use of any middleware since it directly communicates with the email platform’s ActiveSync interface. It also allows for global address lookups and remote device wipes if the device is stolen.


You can read more about it at this link but pricing is not published…

Feature breakdown:


  • Uses custom NotifySync email client to send, receive, reply to and forward emails
  • Folder mirroring allows email folders from your mail account to be synchronized to the device
  • Attachment viewing is supported using the BlackBerry native viewers for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Emails with attachments can be forwarded

PIM: (Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks)

  • Interfaces to the BlackBerry’s native calendar, contact and tasks applications
  • Synchronize calendar events in a configurable Look-Back/Look-Ahead range
  • Multiple address books supported
  • Remote lookup (Global Address List) retrieves contact information from the customer’s LDAP directory
  • Receive and accept/decline meeting invitations


  • SSL encryption protocol for data-in-motion between the BlackBerry and the email platform
  • Remote wipe can be initiated by the email platform for a lost or stolen device
  • Inactivity timeout configurable by end user

Push types:

  • Supports direct push
  • Supports scheduled push intervals configurable by end user

Setup and configuration:

  • All information for set-up and configuration are entered on the BlackBerry device

Supported email platforms:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 /07/ SBS
  • CommuniGate Pro
  • Zimbra
  • Kerio
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  1. Honestly, I can’t see why this would be that much different from BB’s Desktop Manager, which already does this type of thing and it is free.

    Is there something I am not seeing?

    • The difference is that it offers wireless sych for everything if you are working with an Exchange server (or other listed server). This would be nice as you would not need to connect your BB to your computer and desk manager to synch

    • One difference is wireless vs. cradle sync which is profound. The other is that data is server based rather than desktop based.

  2. I currently use Astrasync and while it has its faults it works pretty well for me. It appears that Notifysync has a few more features but without pricing I’m pretty hesitant to try it out. I’ve read some rumors on the pricing and if they are true it’s ridiculous compared to Astrasync. I really enjoy being able to connect directly to my company’s exchange server without having to be hooked up to the company’s BES>

  3. I have used Notifysync. There are different pricing options (one time cost of $120 and then only $30 for maint each year starting year 2; the other option is a flat annual price of $60 per year). Problem is they are not equiped or plan to deal directly with end users. Their business model is to replace BES while leaving the company as the customer and to pay the bills. They don’t want to have to chase down 200 people from a company and would rather get one check per year. Product works pretty well. BES is better and (I hate to say it) Windows mobile with Activesync is a little more solid. All is all it works well…except calendar syncing is not perfected yet. I am getting dupes, not syncing both ways…(there are a few of us trying it and having those same issues). Hope this helps.

  4. There is a mistake in the information in this article about attachment viewing. Attachment viewing requires a 3rd party attachment viewer…and I believe the only supported one that works somewhat seemlessly with NotifySync is Documents To Go. By seemlessly I mean that when you download the attachment from withing NotifySync it automatically opens. I believe you could use a different 3rd party viewer…but it would require you to then save the attachment after downloading it in NotifySync to a specific folder on the device, back out of NotifySync, go to that other 3rd party viewer and browse to that folder location to open the document.

  5. Thanks for the info BBfinally. I agree with that BES and WM are better and more stable but I really like BB devices. I haven’t had any issues with the calendar and/or contacts. Once tasks and notes are supported I’ll be a super happy camper.

    • Actually Tasks is supported. Notes is the only thing not supported (becuase they are limited to what Activesync supports…and Activesync does not support synching of Notes over the air…unfortunately).

  6. When will that Communigate version finally get out of beta???? Lasting over 8 months now. Or did they drop it?

    • The challenge lies with the team at CGP who took a slightly different approach to the use of ActiveSync. Working together with their developers, NotifySync for CommunigatePRO should be ready almost any day now… I know that’s not what people like to hear, but proper testing involves a “back-and-forth” approach of developers working together.

      • Well isn’t it odd that AstraSycn is mentioned as the first and only solution on the Communigate website???? Knowing that Mailsite and Communigate are in direct competition in de world of emailplatforms, while Notify and Communigate should be “partners”… indeed I think this IS odd! That other one being a better, working solution AND cheaper perhaps? 5At least they dare to SAY how much one has to pay ….

        • Hello, Dwight.

          I going to guess that because the other product you mention doesn’t worry about these important additions to NotifySync:

          1. Wider BB device type support (including the nes Storm)
          2. Visibility into all folders in your inbox (use rules on your server to sort mail) and choose which individual folders you wish to synch.
          3. Saving and syncing sent items on the device
          4. Saving of deleted items
          5. Remote device memory wipe
          6. Task synchronisation
          7. New email pop-up notification
          8. Interaction with device LED new mail notification
          9. Contact synchronisation
          10. Real live human tech support 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST

          Some companies like to take the “easy route” to get into the game while others strive to create products with the features their customers are asking for.

          • Wow! That’s all nice and fine. But what wonders me most is why Notify is so shy to come out with a clear and open sales channel like that other one called Astrasync, solde by way of several channels.

            And why, for instance, don’t you lay down your products in the new Blackberry app store? As a “partner” it shouldn’t be that hard I guess. Now I’m screwed by Astrasync, not doing as expected, but with some better exposure, Notify could have prevented me from the waste of that 50$ and seas of time and frustration.

            And not to speak about that clunky Notify website … side by side on the Mailsite one, Astrasync is a clear winner here, even with an inferior product …. How pitty is that, both for potentional costumers as for Notify ???

          • Rumor is that Notify is working on an ‘e-commerce’ web site that will allow end users to sign up and pay (like Astrasync does I assume). Once they get this working I believe NotifySync will take off big time. Their current model of only dealing with businesses is lame.

  7. NotifySync now supports French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese languages!

  8. NotifySync can now be purchase online! New eStore launched May 20, 2009.

    NO more hidden pricing for all you folks who choked on this fact!!!

  9. NotifySync can now be purchased online! New eStore launched May 20, 2009.

    NO more hidden pricing for all you folks who choked on this fact!!!

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