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Kingston 16GB MicroSDHC $36.99 @ Expansys w/Cheap Shipping

l179338 It was only November when these things were going for $90. Remzi let me know that Expansys USA has a deal going on for $36.99 for a 16GB Kingston MicroSDHC card. They do charge shipping but to my address it was only $2.50. It comes with a SD card adapter but you will need a MicroSDHC card reader to connect it to your computer directly without it being in your Berry.

You can pick it up from Expansys USA at this link

$36.99 is a pretty good deal considering the fact that Amazon is selling a SanDisk version of this for $61.49. If you do not need 16GB you can pick up a 8GB Kingston MicroSDHC card for $18.48 with free shipping.

Let me know if you find a better deal! On the other hand it looks like SanDisk may be shipping 32GB cards in the near future.

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  1. Well from the previous post, it seems the 8GB Kingston MicroSDHC mentioned above is the better deal (half size @ half cost) because it is Class 4 while the 16GB one mentioned is only Class 2. I’d like come good transfer speed 🙂

  2. Seriously, learn how to search before posting what are “good deals”. This is an everyday price from NewEgg:

    8GB A-DATA Micro SDHC (Class 6) for $15.99 and free shipping –

  3. That Kingston card that Ronen mentions is a much slower Class 4 card…

  4. @Kyle the deal was meant to point out the low price for a 16gb card. It may be a class 2 card but its the best deal I have seen for one.
    This is not a deal site but if I see something cheap I mention it. The 8gb card was only mentioned as a reference point.

  5. @Ronen – you have a high readership on BerryReview. You are not a deal site, but you should know to check the basics for crap you show (reference or not). Why would you ever buy a Class 4 when Class 6 is cheaper? The lay reader may not know the difference, but you do, and you should know your links will drive some sales. So spend 20 seconds checking Amazon, NewEgg (generally cheapest for most tech things), and a general Google search before posting a link to a product that is 20% more expensive and a class slower.

    I greatly appreciate your site, please don’t think otherwise.

  6. Although, I DO NOT share the poster’s criticism,
    I appreciate everything that BerryReview posts on this website.

    You have helped in some many ways that I cannot repay for all the tips.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  7. There are plenty of deal sites that don’t always post the best deal. If someone jumps on a deal without doing research that’s THEIR problem. Nobody is entitled to spoon feeding unless they are paying for a “spoon feed SLA”.

    BTW, this card is back north of $42 now.

    At least the prices are starting to move. I figure I’ll jump at $30-something for at least class 4. I’m not sure the BB can even move at class 6 speeds. It would be nice to fit more mp3s and videos on my curve.

  8. BTW, looks like has it for $39 shipped.

  9. Hi folks, since we are what makes the Berry Review community go round, let it be our charge to find better deals if the ones listed aren’t the best on the web. Surely the one or 2 people making the post aren’t as effective as the thousands of us that peruse the internet and like to look for bargains.

    Nothing wrong with pointing out that there are better deals. I’m sure in the midst of this recession the U.S. is facing, we all could appreciate getting stuff at a discount.

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