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Sprint Loses Less Money This Quarter – 1.3 Million Customers Leave

sprintlogoI am not sure why things are looking so dire for Sprint. They are doing better than last quarter but they are still bleeding money and subscribers. This past quarter they lost $1.62 billion last quarter even with $8.4 billion in sales. They also lost 1.3 million customers leaving them with 49.3 million customers at the end of the quarter.

I know Sprint is really trying hard to turn things around. It is seriously hedging its bets on WiMAX and the Palm Pre but it makes me wonder if it is enough. At the very least they need to find a way to start increasing their subscriber count or stop running in the red.

So does anybody have any good news about Sprint? Did you move to a different carrier from Sprint this past quarter? If so why did you leave?

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  1. You wonder who the winner of these customers is? VZW and ATT are both more expensive, a TMO coverage would likely disappoint a Sprint customer that wasn’t still on iDEN.

  2. Sprint has the best plans and Good Prices..Only reason for leaving was the choice of phones..I had bad experince with most of them till I made the switch to At&t..Am paying more but no problem with my Blackberry BOld..It’s been solid..Hope Sprint Comes up again ( Palm Pre)..

  3. Been with Sprint for 10 years and only recently have been looking to switch. They do offer great plans and great features, but a limited number of devices, and customer service has not gotten better.

    Not jumping at T·Mobile due to possible poor coverage, and the price hike with VZW and ATT isn’t worth it for lack of features offered.

    We’ll sit with Sprint and wait for CDMA Javelin… and then decide where to go.

  4. I jumped from Sprint after 6 years to T-Mo, and couldn’t be happier. At the time T-Mo had the best plan prices (they have gone up since then). Sprint knows nothing of customer service. They still owed me $200 from false charges on my phone long distance, and when I switched away from SprintPCS after my 2-line contract was finished they still charged me a $400 fee to leave. I called and called and they were A-holes, by admitting I had been out of contract but saying I still had to pay. 1 month later the collections started. T-Mo has been very cool when phones have broken, when rebates were late, when traveling out of the country, when plans I was on were reduced in price, even credits on activation fee and in-store accessories. I travel for work, and only when driving through rural AK did I not have signal. One more thing: 8900. Best phone ever by my count.

  5. Been w sprint 3 yrs. Wish I could cancel. No new bberrys, bill always has extra charges , customer service a nightmare.

  6. I was a Sprint customer for 6 years and left this past November. For me it was two things that lead to my decision: everyone in my immediate family was on AT&T and the lack of phone selection with Sprint. Also, the lack of true MMS was an issue for me although I know Sprint recently released the MMS service books so a lot of people are happy now. I was fairly happy with Sprint when I had them and pretty much could get what I wanted from them. I got the Centro for $50 when I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade and I also got them to give me 3 numbers per line (I had 2 lines) that I could call for free on any network. I am paying about the same for my AT&T service for less minutes, but I love my unlocked BlackBerry Bold. I also use tons of in network minutes so it’s worth it since I am rolling over about 300 minutes every month. I also like the fact that I can travel anywhere in the world and still use my phone which is something you can’t do with a CDMA phone unless you get one of the “World Phones”. Overall, I hope Sprint can get back on their feet but maybe it might just be best for Verizon to take them over.

  7. CDMA phones suck….The world is on GSM what the heck? are you guys sleeping? (I mean the CDMA gurus)
    For me if its not the world phone, its not worth it…even if I travle outside USA just once a year…It still has to be a GSM Quadband phone…and Javelin 8900 Rocks!!!

  8. Technically, I believe Sprint’s CDMA network is fine, but they are seriously lacking in two areas: phone selection and customer service.

    They have failed to differentiate between business users and regular users.

    Blackberry is the new status quo and they need to jump on board and stop the weak attempts with other devices.

    They are lost in the sauce when it comes to Nextel/iDen. It is still used and if they can’t improve it, just leave it as it is.

  9. I was a sprint customer until a few years ago when I was issued a ATT bb at work. I was plenty happy with coverage and price. I would still be a sprint customer if I didn’t get a free phone. I since switched from ATT to vzw because ATT sucks. Edge was too slow and voice quality was crap, although I hear 3g is better but not covered as much as EVDO. I don’t do much international travel so GSM isn’t a big deal for me. I can always rent a phone for the few times I might travel.

  10. @Nikolaus:
    I thought there was a lawsuit over Sprint’s ETF policies and they lost and were required to make good to people they had illegally fleeced for ETF’s?

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