BerryTweak – Adds System Notification & Locking Options

berrytweak David let me know about a slick new application from Swoosh Software called BerryTweak. (Surprisingly it does not have Swoosh in the name :)) It adds a few system options that I wish RIM would add natively. I have been looking for an all-in-one customization utility for BlackBerry and this is the closest I have found so far. It has a free 3 day trial after which you can pick it up in the store for a very lean $2.95. I really hope Swoosh Software keeps on rounding this app out with more features and options.

From the description:

BerryTweak will automatically lock the screen and keyboard during calls to prevent accidental input. BerryTweak will also vibrate on key phone events so you can be sure you started or ended a call. To stop the screen lighting up your face BerryTweak can automatically turn the backlight off during calls. All the options are fully configurable.

BerryTweak Options:

  • Automatically lock screen during call.
  • Automatically lock keyboard during call.
  • Automatically unlock input after call.
  • Manually lock input during call from menu.
  • Manually unlock input during call.
  • Automatically turn backlight off during call.
  • Automatically turn backlight on after call.
  • Vibrate on call answer.
  • Vibrate on call hangup.
  • Vibrate on call dial.
  • Vibrate on call fail.

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