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BerryScreenCleaner – Free Animated Mop App For Your Storm

berryscreencleaner The Storm seems to be getting quite a few iPhone-y-like (read useless) apps recently. The latest comes from Fabian in the form of a mop that virtually cleans your screen without actually accomplishing anything. I guess that its a good thing that its free. You can pick it up in the store at this link.

From the description:

What? Your screen is dirty? Instead of cleaning it with a cloth, do it virtually! The application simulates splashes on the screen and then out of nowhere a mop appears and you can tilt your BlackBerry to clean off those splashes. Download the zip for a ReadMe file on how to use the application. Hold the Storm in Portrait Mode when you start the Application.


  • Fun Application
  • Show off what your Storm can do
  • Freeware

Thanks Terry for sending this one in!

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  1. Great, I will look forward to the ‘farting’ BlackBerry app. Ridiculous. I am sorry, but I outgrew that sophomoric behavior when I was a sophomore. iPhone users actually pay good money, in this economy, for something that does nothing more than play mp3’s.

    Look, you can google all the MP3’s of fart sounds you want, download them to your phone and click them in media player. There. I saved you $2, iPhone users!

  2. There are 3 farting apps for blackberry already…lol

    • I think there are even more…and with the BlackBerry AppStore there will be more coming.
      BUT: the minimal price for an app in the BlackBerry AppStore is $2.99, so you can either put it in for free or charge $2.99….! Noone will buy a fart app for $3!

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