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BeeJiveIM Client $5 Off Until March 1st – New Version Coming Soon

beejiveIM BeeJiveIM is a popular 3rd party IM client for BlackBerry. BeeJive let me know about a discount that they have going until March 1st where both of their licenses are $5 off. I guess people like the ability to aggregate their chats into one application but personally I like the free native RIM IM apps. They are giving this discount right before they make a major new release that will be a free upgrade!

The device license is now $14.95 instead of $19.95 and the user license is $24.95 instead of $29.95. I never understood the purpose of the device license since that means you have to pay $19.95 again if you ever change devices…

NOTE: The Storm & 8900 Curve is not currently supported but should be soon

Check out the discount at this link:

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  1. I bought the device license some time ago but after switching my Blackberry I did not want to pay again.

    Now I am using instango. It’s free and I actually like it more. So why bother and pay if you can get it for free?

  2. All you have to do is pay $9 to upgrade to the unltd transfer user license. It’s $9 sure but its like being able to upgrade now when you chose not to before.

    My old curve was stolen and after I got the Bold, $9 got me the license switcher so I can use jive on any future bb. (one at a time though)

  3. beejive now installed on 8900, works fine

  4. I have tried every single chat app available for BlackBerry, and BeeJive is the best. No question.

    It beats the blackberry-made chat apps because it allows you to rename contacts, set alerts for when certain contacts come online, and have all your messenger accounts in one app.

    The only thin it doesn’t do that the blackberry-made apps do is integrate with your address book, and show the little message icons along the top by the clock and battery meters.

    I read the other day that the beejive update will bring facebook support, which is something I have been dreaming of for AGES.

    BeeJive is DEFINITELY worth every penny, especially if they are reducing the price just before a big update.


    Lewis 🙂

  5. Most Def..The best app for IM..I have used many and left disapointed some how..Beejive has good my approval in every aspect..Keep it going…Beejive RULES>>>>>

  6. beejive does work on the 8900
    there acutally is a hi-resolution version for the 8900 and the bold.

    i am beta testing facebook chat at the moment.
    it is preety good. a few kinks need to be ironed out albeit it is a strong build.

  7. @trinybwoy Facebook beta! Yes! Can I get an invite somehow?

  8. Try IM+ instead of Beejive and you will enjoy it.
    7 days trial is free. Also works on Storm (Beejive does not).
    The updates of IM+ occurs very often and they are free for users which have purchased the previous verion already.

  9. @King I find Shape services IM+ to be absolutely dire, with dozens of problems. BeeJive beats it hands down! It’s definitely worth the money. There isn’t even a choice to make 😉

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