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Pilots Not Turning Off Their Phones… Surprised?

takeoff When I read this news bit over on Gizmodo it made me laugh. I always get a bit angry when I have to turn off all my electronic devices during takeoff. It was always assumed that any electronic device could interfere with the very delicate takeoff and landing process. Turns out that pilots have not been drinking the same Kool-Aid.

The FAA has told the airlines to order their pilots to turn off their phones. This came after a inspector reported that a first officers cell phone rang during a critical phase of a takeoff. The reason the FAA is all wrapped up is because a cellphone is distracting during a pilots takeoff. Kind of makes me wonder why they don’t seem to be spitting the party line of cellphones disturbing communications…

I am surprised that that companies have not tried to start a lucrative business of getting their devices to be approved for use during takeoff and landing. I am not sure if the FAA would let it fly but just imagine if your iPod was cleared and not required to be turned off? It could be kind of like the TSA approved locks and bags.

via FlightGlobal via Gizmodo

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  1. Flying from Maui to LA on Wednesday (18-Feb) night… the pilot or co-pilot got on the horn to talk about the flight while taxing to the runway. During which I could hear that typical speaker buzz that you get when a GSM phone is near by. LOL…

  2. Hmm… I see this is now at least the SECOND time he uses that “kool-aid” reference. And still incorrectly.

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