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Free Staples EASY Button App For The Storm – Mindless Fun

easybutton Sometimes I think people just have a little bit too much time on their hands. Mike240se has created the most useless but definitely fun BlackBerry application for the Storm. If you have ever pressed a Staples easy button then this should fit right in.

1. Click the Easy Button
2. Your Stress Is Released
3. Repeat if Needed.

Not sure if Mike is making any promises that the stress is released but in my experience it increases your coworkers anger… and may lead to violence.

You can pick up the app OTA at this link. You can read more about it on Mike240se’s forum thread at CrackBerry Forums.

Thanks Tashanna for sending this one in!

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  1. Doesn’t take into account landscape mode, which is surprising for a Storm app. In landscape mode you get 1.5 buttons!

  2. I have noticed that as well in landscape there is a button in a half hope this gets fixed also I wouldn’t call this pointless IMO I think its awesome

  3. Doesn’t that mean it is 1.5x as easy?

  4. 8330 Curve version please?

  5. @Nikolaus:
    Lol! Maybe its a “feature”? If I need full easy I push the full one, if the task is not so hard I push the half easy???

  6. Perhaps the app can be configured to work on the Curve and Pearl trackball? Click the trackball to push the “Easy” button???


    • WOW! mike240se here, i cant believe my app made this site! I was just reading the berryreview channel on viigo and was like wait a second! thanks berryreview/ronen and extra special thank to Tashanna, i dont know who you are but thanks a million for submitting my app to ronen!

      to answer the questions.

      1) i know about the landscape 1 1/2 issue, its because i didnt have the RIM signing keys needed to fix it. but i just got them tonight and will be updating my apps to fix this asap.

      2) i would love to make it for the curve/pearl, i am going to see what i can do.

      thanks all!

  7. Thanks for the app pls let me knoow when it will work for the curve

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