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Google Maps v3.0.2 Enables GPS On The Storm

googlemapslatitudeWow this was a long time coming. Quite a few of you sent in tips letting me know about the update in the 3.0.2 version of Google Maps we mentioned. Turns out this small version bump adds GPS support for the Verizon Storm and other devices that have their GPS locked down.

Just as a reminder these incompatibilities are caused by Verizon, RIM, & Google. Google Maps use to try to get your location using AGPS (Assisted GPS) and was blocked by Verizon. It did not fallback and try regular GPS which is how BlackBerry Maps and other apps work. Personally I think most of the blame falls on RIM’s feet for helping Verizon block the AGPS knowing what problems it would cause…

You can pick up the latest version of Google Maps on your Storm at the link below in case you were holding out for a change log. This is probably as good as it is going to get.

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  1. Will someone please give the steps needed to use google maps on my verizon curve? My gps is enabled, blackberry maps works fine, but gmaps only seems to use the tower method. Even this latest version doesn’t do it. What am I missing?

  2. vzw 8330 4.5 gps not working with GoogleMaps standing still I’m bouncing around by Miles!

  3. Gmaps can only get GPS on the Storm, no other Verizon Blackberry. And is unlikely to ever be able. Its just life.

    This whole GPS versus AGPS is silly. AGPS has such little practical use IMO. Who is in such a hurry they can’t wait the extra 30 or so seconds?

  4. thank u very much boss

  5. thank u very much for forum and help

  6. Note to Curve users: Google Maps does not have access to the system’s GPS since Verizon, in partnership with RIM, blocks it. Google Maps can still detect your approximate location using the cell tower system that is used by 911.

    Recently, Verizon unblocked GPS for the BlackBerry Maps only application only. Google Maps is still blocked. I still don’t use BB Maps because it’s not as great an app as Google Maps, but if I need to know my exact location I’ll open BB Maps for that purpose.

    Another thing to note is that the GPS tends to have trouble detecting your location when you are indoors. The cell tower location system does not have this problem.

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