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Free XBerry Live! App Needs Your Help

xberrylivedonate DavidH let me know that the popular Xberry Live! application needs some donations. As a reminder, XBerry Live! is a free app that gives you access to the Xbox Live community from your BlackBerry. Normally, we would not mention this, but I know many of you use XBerry and want it to stick around. We don’t have that many free BlackBerry applications available to us…

The developer of XBerry, Juan, let everybody know that he can no longer keep XBerry live free without some cash to pay the bills. His server is getting overloaded and cannot support so many users. There are currently 18,000 XBerry Live users and only 12 have donated. Those who did donate are getting free lifetime access to the service.

If you want to keep this application free, you can send Juan a donation and a thank you via PayPal using the donate button on his site at this link. On the other hand, Juan might be better off just making this a commercial application and those who pay get access.

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  1. I personally don’t use it, but 18,000 users and 12 donations? He should charge for it and monthly fees too!
    You wonder why whinners don’t get sympathy when they post..”why should I have to pay for should be free or donate”.

    If you leechers can afford your BB monthly bill and buy games for your Xbox you can cough up a couple of bucks..

  2. I would like an app for my PS3

  3. I love this app and am greatful that Ronen put this story up for me. Please all help and keep this app free. I donated $5 to help!!!

  4. I am going to help this Juan guy by NOT donating anything. It’s about time he got real and started charging for the service he’s providing. It’s time and effort he’s spending, those things should not be free. Damn communist 21st century kids.

  5. This program is NOT free. After the 5.4 update you are REQUIRED to pay or you cant use the service. Microsoft does not allow anyone to make money from apps be it Iphone or Blackberries. That is why he lists it as free, then asks for a donation to make it work. When microsoft finds out they will be coming after this guy. You have been warned.

  6. This is a Scam. If he needs money he needs to charge for it flat out. oh, he won’t because microsoft wont allow it. How’s his server getting overloaded if all the app does is query MS’s servers anyway? I wouldn’t pay a dime for this app, because like Andre said, it probably wont be around for too much longer.

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