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Bloglive: a Basic Blog Client for BlackBerry, Supports Blogger, WordPress & More

bloglive I just spotted a new application that got my hopes up real high and then put them in check. It’s a blog client for BlackBerry called Bloglive. Bloglive lets you publish posts and drafts to your blog from your BlackBerry. It supports all the popular systems like Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, TypePad, and MetaWeblog API for compatibility with most blog sites. This is the first blog client I have seen for BlackBerry to date, but its interface needs quite a bit of work. It looks like it came out a while ago, but this is the first I heard of it and it just started supporting WordPress recently.

It’s got some pretty cool features:

  • Supports multiple blog accounts
  • Efficiently create, edit and delete posts
  • User library support for frequently used words and phrases
  • Advanced text editor: easily insert text URL, online image in your posts, without having to enter any HTML codes

They have a free trial that lets you use the application 10 times before you buy. After the free trial, you can pick up the application for $17.99 (on sale currently for $12.99).

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  1. Nice, I’ll have to try this application again. I tried it a few months ago, and it only let me post to some demo blog they had set up.

    What was really cool about Bloglive was that there was a feedback process so I and many others asked for a more realistic experience, with our demos such as the ability to post several times to our own blogs in order to test the features.

    I liked what I saw last time (in the limited demo) but there were a few things I hope they improved on. I will give it another shot, since I really am looking for a wordpress client beyond the offerings of wordpress mobile site. If it works with Tumblr I will be impressed.

  2. Does it connect direct to WP site or Own WP based site or does it go via a third Party to post?

    • What? It uses XML RPC to post to your blog. Self hosted or hosted will work.

      BTW the download link doesnt work and on the authors site it says one year of upgrades. How does that work if we buy it through BerryReview? Do we still get upgrades or more than a year or what?

  3. There’s also BBmetablog, which is free, but I don’t think it’s being actively developed anymore.

    • Hello. I haven’t done much with it to be honest because I’m not sure what the demand is for fixes or enhancements. I’ve posted the source on my blog.

      I could be persuaded to do some more work on it if I knew what people wanted from it.

      If you care visit my blog and comment.


  4. Probably should mention that Typepad has their own client for the BB. It is not brilliant but it’s not half bad either.

  5. Hi!!!
    I found this program and is very interesting! but I have not be able to activate my account in the trial version and I would not buy it if Im not sure if it works. Can you help me?

    When I try to activate my account I receive a “TIP” that says: “Failed to activate blog: Tunnel failed”

    Maybe if you could publish an example of an imaginary account (blogger), it would be great! Because there is no much information in the net or a help site.

    For more reference, what i have in my account settings is:
    Blog name: Conns
    Blog URL:
    Blog Type: blogger
    Blog Xml-Rpc URL:

    Thank you!

  6. XML RPC ???? what it’s that mean? please let me know by emailing me, Thanks

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