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BBTetris v3 Released – Free Tetris Game Gets High Scores & Better Backgrounds

The last time we mentioned Papped’s BBTetris it was at version 1.52. Since then it has been under active development and is now sitting pretty at version 3 at least for my Bold. I don’t have a great change log but I can tell you that the new High Score feature and backgrounds are vastly improved. The overall look of the game is also nice and slick. Keep up the good work Papped!

BBtetris[2] BBtetris[1] BBtetris[3]

Control in the game is better but sadly you can only click in the trackball to flip pieces. I hope the developer lets you use both the Q button and the trackball to flip. It would also be nice to be able to hit the space key to make the piece fall all the way down. The app also does not remember your last game position if you close it but it does recover if you get a call and leave it running. The sound also turns on again every time you start the game. (I now have the classic Tetris song stuck in my head!)

All in all this is shaping up into a great free game for BlackBerry. If you like it the developer is accepting donations at this link.

You can pick up the new version at one of the links below:

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  1. v3.1 has full keyboard controls also.

    Q=fastdrop/stop fastdrop
    A=left, S=Right

  2. Ronen, the donations link didn’t work. I got: “Sorry — your last action could not be completed”

  3. Put up a mini website also, includes my themes as well.

  4. I was just in the middle of a good game and POOF, it returned me to the initial start screen. I’m almost sure it was when I hit 100000 points. Is that a possible bug?


  6. As for the kicked back to start screen issue, I’ve definitely gone higher than that score without issue before… Which phone do you have?

  7. Curve 8330

    • Might be some sort of weird OS 4.5/8330 issue. The 8330 version tends to have way more problems than the other two. I’ve gone up to around 190,000 on the Bold with no issue.

      Let me know if it is easy to recreate.

      • I have had the same issue (on the same phone), but when it kicks back to the main screen, hit the BB button, click Go, and you’re right back where you were. It’s like it pauses itself for some reason.

  8. The keyboard controls are good, even though I’m already used to using the ball, and I would like to keep using it…

    My problem with the new version is that when using the trackball, you would normally scroll down to do a fast drop, but now you really have to lay into it. I’m talking giving it three or four scrolls down. That’s just plain annoying and taxing on the thumb joints.

    • So the issue is that you can’t really “count” trackball scrolls like you can button presses, since they are affected by your trackball sensitivity and the way you use it. For example I can always fastdrop in 2 motions (which was the idea).

      So I might have to make some options for the trackball threshold…

      • Previously, a lot of people did not like the 1 scroll fastdrop.

      • That makes sense. I kept to accidentally doing a fastdrop with one scroll on the older version. 2 would make sense but with me (70% sensitivity) I would have to do more. Maybe my ball sucks.

        • Could be a difference between the different types of phones also. So I will probably implement three modes of trackball threshold.

          The only annoying part is going to be that I will need the setting to save…

  9. Two things rENEE needs to do: press capslock and STFU

    I OTOH will express my gratitude to the author. Thanks for providing such a cool app pro bono.

  10. Hey guys i would like the wallpaper in the background… can some one email me it pls….

    the 3D berry logo

    [email protected]

  11. I installed the 8330 module on my vzn 8830; after reboot, this really works well! Trackball moves the icons well, keyboard keys do what they are supposed to….!!!


  12. can anyone recommend free tetris app for 8220? This app plays perfect on my 8900 but she has been itching for tetris and I can’t seem to find a decent tetris app for the 8220. thanks.

  13. v3.2 posted

  14. 112,290 on level 10

    Working much better on 8830 than the 1.x versions did. Thanks papped!

  15. is this game available for an oldie 8703e?

  16. Thanks for the game. However a major bug I have encountered on my 8330 is that the pieces continue to drop sometimes even after they reach the top instead of the game ending. I have to start a new game to get it to stop. Also it says I have version 4.3. Thought it was supposed to be v3.

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