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Google Maps 3.0.2 Released – No Change Log

googlemapslatitudeRaptor let me know that Google has updated the Google Maps application to version 3.0.2. Sadly, in true Google fashion, there is no change log. This is coming after their 3.0.0 upgrade that added Latitude and the 3.0.1 bug fix upgrade. My bet is that this is a bug fix.

If you absolutely have to have the latest version, you can pick it up at:

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  1. They added GPS support for the Storm!

  2. It’s still not signed.

  3. Actually the version i see when i try to download it now is 3.1.135

  4. Still doesn’t have GPS support for the Verizon 8330, as if it that even needed mentioning.

    Interestingly, while it used to say “Waiting for GPS” when the GPS was turned on, now it doesn’t say that at all.

  5. Usually Named you need to try again, because its still 3.0.2…

  6. ShvartzBerry its not Google Maps that isn’t supporting it. Its your crappy carrier, VZW, that cripples the GPS in almost all of its devices. Has done so for years. They will only allow it to work with VZW Navigator. Some of the newer phones they are starting to allow it.

    • @Kyle — Check your facts. Verizon used to have this stance, but has opened up their GPS for the 8130 (Pearl) and 9530 (Storm). My guess is that they NEEDED to since this is a feature the iPhone has, and they were positioning the Storm as an iPhone alternative.

      The GPS on the Storm has worked with other apps since launch (BlackBerry Maps, TeleNav, WayFinder, etc.) Google had to change their code for it to work (my guess is Google had a carrier/network check that disabled GPS functionality if the device was on VZW, since due to Verizon’s original policy the GPS would not work in Google Maps.

      This was also confirmed by myself — if I forced GSM in the radio options on my Storm, Google Maps would obtain a GPS fix (the radio would be in SOS mode since the SIM in my device is not activated) — but Google maps would show my exact location (but would not be able to download the map images). As soon as I re-enabled CDMA, Google Maps could no longer obtain a GPS fix (but could download maps). 😉

      To all the people who said that it worked before on Verizon w/CDMA enabled — It didn’t. Google Maps falls back to cell-tower triangulation when GPS fails — you can tell because you have a large blue circle around you location, and the accuracy is ~1000 meters (or worse). A lock with the built in GPS chip is far more accurate (I’ve seen 90 meters or so — the blue circle disappears, and the blue dot actually moves as you do).

      With 3.0.2, I’m no longer placed in the middle of a river when I’m in my office building — I’m shown on the map exactly where the building is. About time Google (and Verizon) — I don’t need my external bluetooth GPS anymore (which never worked with Google Maps on the Storm since the GPS menu option is missing).

      Now lets get it working with my wife’s Pearl on VZW — since her GPS works with BB Maps 😉

      • Kormac – CAN YOU READ? “Some of the newer phones they are starting to allow it.” Duh. I know what I’m talking about. Further evidenced in the fact that I have a carrier that doesn’t cripple their devices.

      • Kormac, Verizon has actually opened up the GPS on the 8330 as well, but only if you are running OS 4.5 and only through BB Maps. So yes, Google Maps code is still blocking the device GPS interface.

  7. It’s true, version 3.0.2 now supports GPS on the VZ 9530 Storm! Hooray!

  8. If I Install Google Map How Can I Be Sure Its the UPgrade?
    I have the 2.32 Already?

  9. @Kormac:
    You should do more research, as what you are stating is incorrect.
    Suggest you download the Location Based Services developer guide and read how it REALLY works on a CDMA phone.
    Verizon lifted the PDE restriction for ONLY BBMaps version 4.5 and higher. This is why your 8130 it now works, as well as others 8330’s and 8830’s. There is no 4.5 for other CDMA Blackberry smartphones, so their BBMaps will likely never work.
    For whatever reason they seem far less restrictive with the 9530.
    Oh, and read thw Google Blow, where acknowledged quite a while ago the GMaps not getting GPS on the Storm was indeed a GMaps flaw.

  10. I installed the new version (3.0.2) on a 8900 (Javelin) and it crashed on start. Does anybody have the same problem?

  11. I guess they added a new function:
    today my Nokia E71 requested me to confirm that i want to send my location info to my friends

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