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BOLT Browser Now Open to All in Public Beta

poweredbyBOLT_revised I guess this was inevitable. BOLT was practically offering unlimited invite codes to their promising mobile browser. Now they have officially opened the floodgates at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona. It seems to be a possible competitor to Opera Mini so it is definitely worth a try.

You can pick up the latest version at

As a reminder of the features:

  • Fast, secure, desktop-style web browsing on both high-end and low-end handsets
  • Streaming flash video capabilities
  • WebKit rendering engine offers high standards compliance
  • Support for XML, ATOM and RDF formats of RSS feeds
  • Support for JavaScript and AJAX
  • Split screen and full screen modes for easy navigation and viewing
  • Intuitive keystroke shortcuts for easier navigation and content selection
  • 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for secure access to web pages
  • Server filtering to protect users from spyware and other malware
  • Certificate error notification
  • Easily add and select favorites and view browsing history
  • Ability to clear history and cookies
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  1. They need to get their sh*t together. I had to jump through hoops in order to get a download link that failed… twice! I seem to recall this happening last time. A waste of my time. Maybe I will try again if and when they have a normal ota install.

  2. Amen!!

  3. Troubling that their code fails RIM’s security requirements. They want people to take them serious yet they can’t be troubled to get proper digital signatures? Come on. Delete. Fail.

    Oh, you forgot a key feature:
    Teeny tiny screen fonts that nake you squint at your Storm’s huge screen (even on largest setting).

  4. I was able to successfully install the application unto my 8830. Works great. I will play around with it for a while. Like the interface, just plain which gives more space to view pages, and ability to switch between desktop view and mobile.

  5. I must also give a negative review: Had to jump through many hoops to get the download link to not fail. Overall it seems like a nice interface, but a big fail was when I went to Youtube/CNN to watch a video and it would only launch this in my default BlackBerry Browser? Why have Bolt if Bolt relies back upon the BB Browser? I still prefer Opera for having better zooming, navigation, and address entry. Each of these are more difficult in Bolt.
    Also anyone with a Windows devices may know that SkyFire browser last week not gives me the ability to watch Hulu TV/Movies on my Samsung ACE. Any new browser coming out these days better have that kind of streaming flash support, or don’t even bother.

  6. I like the BB browser the best…all these third party browsers sorry to say they suck…

  7. Minor annoyance, but I get tired of filling out that form to download…

  8. web51302, have you tried Opera Mini?

  9. i find myself using the regular BB browser as well because it’s fast. I occasionally will go to Opmini but it’s rare.

  10. Just like the private beta. SLOW SLOW SLOW.

  11. Bolt is not impressive to say the least. Even with the most recent build its clunky and slow. I’m sticking with opera mini! Bolt has potential but it needs some work

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