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BlinkWhileCall: LED Blinks Purple When You Get a Call

blinkwhilecall This latest application from Fabian is targeted at a specific group of users. Most users, including me, would think that an application that makes your LED blink a different color during a call is useless. On the other hand, I know quite a few people who leave their BlackBerrys on silent with vibrate turned off all day. This is because they do not want it to make a peep during a client meeting or such. These users rely upon RIM’s blinking red and green lights to tell them when to check their BlackBerrys. The problem is that the LED light blinks red for emails/calls/SMS and a bunch of other things.

BlinkWhileCall creates a specific exception: your BlackBerry LED will blink purple when you get a call to make it easy to differentiate. I wish it would also let you do the same for SMS or level 1 messages or the like, but I guess something is better than nothing.

BlinkWhileCall is available in the store right now, but for some reason it comes in two flavors with two different prices. There is a Bold & Storm BlinkWhileCall app for $1.99 and a version for all other devices for $3. Not sure why, but I will ask Fabian. Personally, I think somebody needs to create an all in one application including this feature and others, kind of like TweakUI for Windows XP.

From the description:

Everyone knows the problem: You don’t want the phone to ring, but still want to know when someone is calling. The internal red-LED-notification is too dark and you don’t know if it’s mail, SMS or a call…

Here is a solution! The small application BlinkWhileCall blinks fast with the bright purple LED when you receive a call. If you set the device to silent, you can still get notified!

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  1. Seriously? Pay for this app? That’s a joke.
    There was an application back in the day (can’t recall the name of it, but should dig it up again) that would let you dictate the colors for other things like emails, sms, etc.
    To think that someone would pay for an application that just makes the LCD flash purple (of all colors) during an incoming call is just absurd.

  2. yeah, it’s called BBAlerts.
    and i still use it.

  3. Good lookin out!

    Downloading now…

  4. $3.00 for your LED to flash PURPLE when you get an incoming call (which I still don’t completely understand the logistics of that since the device screen still lights up anyways) or $13.00 for your LED to flash any color you want it to for almost every messaging/application on your device.

    For the extra $10.00, it’s money well spent.

  5. A few notes on BBAlerts (now that it’s downloaded).
    1. They have packed in some additional features from the last time I had it (unless my memory just sucks, which of course is possible).
    2. Can’t get it to work on my 8900. No issues with installing or downloading, just after making the changes and saving them, LCD is reverting back to all red. Damn.

  6. For a quick glance the color of the LED is quite useful. I have jivetalk on my unit for IM’ing people, with Jivetalk I can change the LED color – which I quite like a lot.

  7. I’ve been looking for BBAlerts. Wherecan you find it?

  8. Seems like an oddly specific function for an app, also considering the price. Not really sure why people would opt for this over a general LED manager.

  9. It dont work with the 4.5 OS…so just ck your OS before u pay for it!

  10. Call me stupid but even on silent mode doesn’t the phone display that you have an incoming call when it’s ringing? Riddle me this, how would a flashing purple light be more noticable than seeing the “Incoming Call” message on your screen? And for 5 bucks, ummm… I’ll pass.

  11. I have it running on my Bold & it works absolutely OK. I previously had it running on my Curve 4.5 with no problems at all.

  12. For anyone who wants it you can find it here:

  13. Ok I just have to laugh at this one…..lmao are you all Serious and download it. For the price its a waste of money time and space on my phone. Sound like the old days when the guy at the mall or country fairs would sell you the rainbow colour light that replays your nokia antenna……lmao

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