Toysoft Profiler 1.5.8 Update

Capture10_30_48Just a quick notice that Toysoft has updated their Profiler software quite a bit since I wrote my review here last week. As stated in the original review thread, the changes are as follows:

It appears as if Toysoft has made some updates since this review was written. For starters, they have now expanded on their lock screen application to improve compatibility with changing the profile while your phone is locked! What they have done is given the user a way to change their default lock screen so that Profiler has a way to access it to unlock your keyboard! As well, this update will now allow users to use their own picture for the lock screen background as well as customizing the text that displays from it! The only caveat is, with this feature enabled, your phone will auto lock the keyboard when your screen times out without any setting to allow the user to simply lock it manually! I assume this functionality will come in a future revision!

Another update that has been made is the improvement of the Blackberry Storm compatibility. Toysoft has given Storm users the go ahead to use their software now! It should be noted that these updates appear to still be in official beta status, and of course, caution is advised when trying such software!

With all of the updates that Toysoft has done in the last week, with the help of users and their comments on the forums, I am confident that Toysoft will continue to develop this program as much as is needed until its users are completely satisfied!!! Keep up the good work!

Users can download the update from If you do not already have a copy, you can pick one up for $9.95 USD @ the store.

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  1. The very purpose of Automatic Profile switching is NOT solved when keyboard is locked,there is no point in using this software.

    Even if it vibrates and alerts,instead we can switch the profile directly from the home screen,no need for this software.

    Auto lock or some form of keylock is a must application now-a-days,then “Profiler” is absolutely useless software as it cannot switch profiles in keylocked status,

    Alas,I’ve wasted my money!

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