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NextAction! Pro Released at a Slightly Less Unbelievable $99.95

Earlier in the month, we mentioned that NextAction Pro might be released for $119.99. Many people including me thought this was way more than you would pay for a BlackBerry app. Turns out that we were not far off the mark. NextAction! Pro is now available and selling for $99.95. I have sticker shock… For that price, my BlackBerry should be making me coffee in the morning. S4BB has created NextAction! Pro to be the ultimate GTD (Getting Things Done) utility for the BlackBerry. Personally, I am more of a fan of GTD at a Reasonable Price.

The most I ever paid for a consumer BlackBerry app was $69.95, for Rove Mobile SSH, and even that was pricey. I thought that S4BB was planning on just giving NextAction! Pro a high price to make it look like a good value and offer a 50% discount. If it makes it easier to swallow, they have a 10% off discount going if you use code RCVU36. Just in case you want to pick it up, I listed the description below. They do not have a trial, but they do have a money back guarantee…

nextaction_blackberry_pro_priorities-1nextaction_blackberry_pro_priorities-2 nextaction_blackberry_pro_voice-action-2

From the description:

NextAction! for BlackBerry – Professional Edition comes with all features of the Standard Edition. This includes features like: context and project management, actions, someday/maybe lists, QuickSwitch™ contexts and projects, as well as more useful GTD® features. The following features are available in NextAction! Professional Edition on top of all existing features of NextAction! Standard Edition:

  1. Priorities

    David Allen’s GTD® methodology does not mention priorities in a way NextAction! supports this feature. GTD power users of NextAction! requested priorities for their professional GTD® workflow. By prioritizing actions productivity can be boosted significantly. Such actions marked with the priority flag stick out in the list view of all currently filtered (by context or project) actions.

  2. Sort by Priorities

    Sorting actions by priorities is crucial for processing actions according to GTD® quickly. Processing is all about speed, performance and productivity in action processing. Besides standard sort functions (by name, context, project) the NextAction! Professional Edition provides sorting by priority. Therefore, it is possible to quickly perceive the most important actions. Especially in combination with the “hide completed” filter this makes usability simpler, quicker, more productive.

  3. Voice Actions
    Adding a quick voice action takes just seconds and boosts your productivity tremendously. Instead of typing the details and notes of an action it is now possible to record your voice which will stored as a voice action in NextAction!. A simple click on a voice action reviews its content and still provides the most efficient way to access that action.
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  1. Wat to expensive also I have had some other apps from S4BB and I didn’t like them.

  2. Had this app for several months now. I like it. It’s pretty simple to use and saves me getting my card out everytime I need to make a long distance call.

    I bought it at the full price (back then it was $20) and it was worth it to me since I use it often enough, but I know it was too expensive for most consumers who might not use it that often. Nice to see it at a more reasonable price.

    If you change OS’s a lot though be warned – it is a third party app so I’ve always had to re-enter calling card details after and OS upgrade. I only use one, sometimes two cards, but if you have a lot of them it and do OS changes a lot it would probably drive you nuts.

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