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Freedom Slim Keypad – Credit Card Sized Bluetooth Keyboard

freedomkeypad Freedom has had a full sized keyboard for quite awhile, but this is the first I have seen of their Slim Keypad line. It is essentially a RAZR like keyboard that is credit card sized. It hooks up over Bluetooth and has a rechargeable battery that charges using Mini USB so no extra chargers are necessary. Pretty decent for $69.95. May even be a great way to get a real keyboard for your Storm or Pearl since it does not make much sense for full QWERTY devices.

From the description:

This light and slim metallic keypad is lightweight and slips easily into the pocket or purse. It’s nearly the size of a credit card. The keypad features 54 metallic faced keys with FULL alpha numeric and has a blue back light.

Dual Profile SPP and HID Bluetooth, compatible with most PDAs, BlackBerrys, smartphones, Pocket PCs and laptops etc. Also with your PC (provided it has Bluetooth connection) allowing control both in line of sight as well as from another room (controlling a video player). It will also work with the Sony PS3.

It is also rechargeable – mini USB connections. You will get up to 4 hours continuous use and 100 hours standby. Ultra Slim Keypad Bluetooth connection – powered by “Dual Profile” (SPP and HID) Bluetooth for the widest range of compatibility.


  • Ultra Slim
  • Windows 5 and 6 Smartphone and Pocket PC
  • BlackBerry ver. 4.0 and higher
  • Symbian and UIQ operating systems supported
  • Auto connect

via BlackBerry Sync

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  1. This is awesome! But only a Storm-User will buy it eventually…

  2. This looks stupid. I don’t know how this is helpful at all. You would still have to use your thumbs, and for just using thumbs, SureType is amazing as you can hit enter in the middle of words if they are (as they often are) correct, and actually save time over a full QWERTY keyboard. What a useless device.

  3. I agree, it also costs too much.

  4. Is there any way. To add suretype to a curve 8330

  5. Seems to be very inspired from the O2 IR Keyboard.
    Looks very similar to the IR Keyboard provided by O2 on the Atom Exec couple of years back.
    O2 InfraRed Keyboard –

  6. Hi,

    I’m the technical manager for Freedom (so obviously my comments will be biased 🙂 ). But there are a lot of people that cant get on with the Storm touch screen at all, just because you like suretype doesn’t mean that everyone does.

    Suretype also doesn’t help if you have applications where you have to select options on screen that are close together (nothing more annoying on the Storm then trying to click on something from a list of items when the options are close together, especially if you have big fingers).

    For the BB market place it is mainly the Storm users we are aiming at (for now at least) but I do know a lot of pearl users who have the Slim as well.

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