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T-Mobile 8900 Draws Om Malik away from iPhone

8900tmobileIt looks like the T-Mobile 8900 has some serious drawing power. They managed to get the technology blogger, Om Malik, founder of GigaOm, to drop his iPhone for an 8900.

Sadly, I confirmed with T-Mobile that the 8900 is not an exclusive of theirs, so other carriers will probably be getting it soon. On the other hand, the reason Om gave up on the iPhone was because of AT&T’s sub-par network performance. Personally, I agree with Om. The network connection on my AT&T Bold is not really as good as it could be. Even older Verizon devices on EVDO have a faster connection with less dropped signals and calls. Maybe a 8900 isn’t such a bad idea… With UMA, I could almost forget the fact that T-Mobile has no reception at all in my Manhattan apartment compared to AT&T’s full bars.

Check out the full story at GigaOm

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  1. Woo Hoo!! Score another for T-Mo UMA BlackBerrys! They are da bomb 😛

  2. I wonder if this phone has been named as the “iPhone Killer.”

    Here’s what I could say
    – Blueberry are tough phones while iPhone could be fragile.
    – iPhone has a lot of great applications, though Blueberry has its own, it is not as good as the iPhone’s.

    Both have its own advantages and disadvantages. It was the right thing to do that he switched.

    • What the hell is a “Blueberry?”

      And I agree with Nikolaus–TMo UMA is the best deal in the country, and free calls means my 8320’s Wifi antenna is always on, even in my 5-bars Manhattan apt.!

      I really wanted to try 3G out, but if what these posts are indicating are at all true, I’m once again more than willing to spend what little I have on an 8900..

  3. You really think anyone but TMO will pick up the 8900 in USA? ATT has been pushing off all non-3G devices and allocating more and more of their spectrum to 3G in place of EDGE. There would have to be some pretty significant demand for the 8900 (versus the 9000) from large corporate customers before I can see ATT adopting a non-3G device like 8900.

  4. How is it not being a t-mobile exclusive a bad thing? It means it’ll be easier to negotiate discounts with customer retention.

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