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WOOT! Plazmic 4.7 Leaked Online – Themes for 8900, Storm and 8350i Now Possible

Secret agent 012 let me know that Plazmic 4.7 has been leaked. I have not tried it myself, but according to our agent, it lets you create themes for the 8900 Curve, Storm, and even the new 8530i.

Maybe my post earlier today got some attention 🙂

Check out Plazmic 4.7 at this link:

Theme developers, let me know if this works out for you!

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  1. i keep getting an error when downloading!

  2. any other (faster) serwer???? PLEASE

  3. Same here. Tried 3 times already gets like 98% done then connection closes. Anyone have it and can reseed to like RapidShare or something? If I can get it, I’ll reseed it there.

  4. Heard over on Pinstack that themes created with 4.7 are causing issues with 8900’s.

  5. It should be noted that this version of CDK 4.7 is an early beta…

  6. Ok, im using and creating the new Plazmic from couple minutes and have one big problem- i made some theme for Storm and when i exporting the files its showing that is some issue and Windows ask for closing Plazmic application. Any ideas????

    • Here’s a few issue’s I’ve noticed while creating a Storm Theme sometime this morning just like the Beta 4.6 there are issues:

      (Oh by the way this is the first Themes Builder that actually utilizes the “Simulator Button”) I made several attempts in using the Simulator through the Builder, it went trough the motions and at the very end it kicked out an error message, showed the simulator but that darn hourglass would not go away, then it just froze, had to use “Task Manager” to close it.

      I made a little change with the fonts on the banner as well as rearrange it a bit.

      on the App/Icon screen I was able to change the Font.

      When I got to the Menu/Button Screen I changed the Button’s background and it Crashed and Burned, so I put the Buttons and Menu back to default.

      I was able to change the font in the Message list.

      The active and incoming call Screens changing the fonts and pictures were no problems, as well as the Locked Screen.

      Hope this helps a bit…

      • Well, I’m having a problem with the theme builder itself. I don’t know if I got a bad copy, but so far it’s just frustrated me. Here’s a few of my issues.

        1. When trying to change the icons in theme builder, when you click on certain ones (Setup Wiz, Compose and Maps) it crashes the program. I had to find a work around by changing the icon above the one I wanted to change, then dragging the icon down to it.

        2. When trying to export, I kept getting error messages: The applications banner content is out of its boundries. Even though they weren’t. So I had to spend 20 minutes moving them around til I found out that if I moved them to the bottom of the theme, it exported the them as normal. Then when I load the theme in the 9530 simulator, the banner objects displayed correctly..on top.

        3. After exporting the theme successfully the first few times for test, every time after that when I tried to export, it would start normally then the theme builder would crash. Very very annoying.

        So now I’m stuck with what I think is a kick ass theme, but can’t even export it now. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the program more than a Walmart door greeter says “Welcome to Walmart”. If anyone has any ideas or a link to a working version that you’ve had no problems with, I’m all ears.

  7. still having depositfiles issues! need a re-uploader if possible!

  8. yeah so…. early beta for sure! I make a KICKASS theme for my 8350i, was completely stoked that they had the 8350i themes in there for templates…. then *bam*

    can’t export for OS 4.6


  9. just a ? the plazmic 4.6 is not compatible with the storm right?

  10. Downloaded 4.7 from isohunt but to my disappointment, there is still not a Today Theme for the 8350i nor the 8900. My company just switched to the 8350 for the Nextel PPT functionality and it is driving me crazy. I gave up a BlackJack 2 which would display my upcoming calander events on the main screen so I would have a constant reminder of meetings or deadlines. I wonder if there is a way to export the today theme from a OS 4.5 Curve since the resolution is the same and slap in on the 8350? Anybody know of a way?

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