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Qantas CS Managers Call BlackBerrys “Duds”

qantas-a380-perthQantas Customer Service Managers are calling foul on their companies’ supposedly successful BlackBerry rollout. The idea was that crew members were using BlackBerrys to fill out forms and paperwork instead of using paper. Qantas even released some information saying that they BlackBerrys were a hit.

Turns out their workers do not agree with them. According to some cabin members, the 8800s that the company rolled out have not worked in the past six weeks and have battery issues. Managers could not even use the phones to call Qantas…

According to these workers, they have returned to using paper due to the battery issues. The crew members are quoted as saying that “They work one in five times since we’ve had them.” Even worse, they claim that  “You get wrong info, wrong flights and wrong crew names.” Qantas is currently dismissing the claims and is continuing with their rollout.

Makes me wonder if the BlackBerry will really be able to replace paper forms in the near future… On the other hand, Qantas could just be buying second hand devices with expired batteries.


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  1. Doesn’t sound like a BlackBerry issue if they are having issues like “wrong flight numbers and wrong crew names” because this is a database and querey issue.

  2. I remember when “My Job” went to a paperless system in which all of the forms we used you had to look for an “Unadulterated” hard copy to use which were mostly kept in files spread out all over the office. The “New System” in which you went to the nearest computer, clicked on the file that contained the form you needed and sent it to the printer right next to you in a pristine form, was way beyond what some of the “Older”, and I just mean people who were resistant to this change, had a horrible time with the system. They even resorted to taking the print cartridges out of printers and throwing them away in an attempt to hold on to “The way it’s always been”

  3. If they turned off the wireless when the airplane was out of range of towers, it should fix the battery problem.

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