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What’s The Story Plazmic? No Theme Love For The Storm Or 8900?

Tmobile8900 Update: The 8350i is also due for some theme support Plazmic…

If you have picked up a 8900 Curve or Storm recently you will have run into this question. Why are there no themes available???

RIM was very good at releasing the SDK’s for the 8900 & Storm on time but Plazmic has seriously been lagging with theme support. It has been months since the last release of Plazmic which was a great upgrade but developers and users are clamoring for more. There has not been a hint of a new Plazmic Theme CDK for quite awhile so it makes me wonder what they have been up to. Our secret agents have been pretty quiet about this so maybe Plazmic is holding this one closer to the chest.

I can understand why the Storm themes may have been delayed since that is a new interface for RIM but the 8900 is just a higher resolution version of the Bold… Maybe RIM has tasked all their developing prowess to fixing the Storm bugs…?

So I have to ask. Anybody have an idea what Plazmic is up to?

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  1. I agree with this statement. I know a lot of 8350i users running on the same 4.6.1 OS as the 8900 with out any ability to add themes to their phones.

  2. On the flipside (not that I’m in favor of Plazmic not keeping up) with so many people getting these new phones, when the new PTB finally does come out, developers (such as myself), will have a pretty large market of “tired-of-the-default-theme” buyers eager to get their hands on some awesome themes really quick.

    • Yes, but do you think we could not re-hash the same old themes and try something new?

      • I completely agree! The Bold and Storm replicas are well done for the most part, but I think I’m going to scream the next time I see those icons used!

      • Yes I do agree, new themes need to be created that don’t resemble old ones, but there are people out there who don’t own a BlackBerry and the new BB’s coming out could be their first step into the BB community. We simply want to be able to include the entire BB community in the themes that are created.

  3. Themes for the BB Storm will be available in the AppStore for a small fee of course. 😉

  4. My opinion :

    not a single theme downloadable OTA or by ALX.

    everything in App Center (for carrier )
    or in App StoreFront (for RIM & developers).

    so the delay is for Plazmic to finish the gateway to these stores.

  5. The backlash from customers of no feel themes would be HUGE. I don’t think RIM is that stupid. They have already caved and given the carriers app control, to take away themes would really hurt the community.

  6. I see no reason why putting all the themes in one place would be a bad thing. There may be free themes and themes to purchase on the App StoreFront, just like today on dozens of websites.

    At least people will not be able anymore to install a theme that is not compatible with their OS.

  7. Yay it was just leaked!

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