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TELUS Storm Users: TELUS Navigator v4 For Storm Found Online

I know this only interests a small portion of our readers but I thought TELUS Storm users might appreciate this. ste7enm was a bit tired of waiting for TELUS to slowly release version 4 of TELUS Navigator which brings support for the 9530 Storm. He decided to do a bit of sleuthing and discovered a OTA link for TELUS Navigator v4 online!

nav_ss1 nav_ss2 nav_ss3

According to him this version works great on the storm and transitions between screens is nicer. It also has an updater function for you to be able to update the the official release once it is released. Personally I have a few caveats about BlackBerry GPS navigation without on device maps but I guess some people are into it.

You can find TELUS Navigator v4 for the Storm at this link OTA. No promises or anything that it will work but as you can see from the screenshots above things seem to be pretty honky-dory…

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  1. Call me the guinea pig. I was bored. No workie on Verizon Storm “connection not available”.

  2. Ha I was wondering that today actually – thanks for putting that to rest DavidB!

  3. thanks for the help! And thanks for remembering us.
    do you have anything else that could help us here with telus cause you know there not helping with anything, they still think the storm is the best thing since sliced bread. I can’t stand the fact that my storm is slow and freezes all the time and the video camera sucks cause it stops recording and freezes my phone every time and i have to take the flippin battery out just to restart it. not to mention i havent been able to watch videos on you tube EVER! and still can’t figure out how to get the new flash player to work on this thing. user friendly my ass! don’t even get me started on the non responsive click screen that is completely unreliable. my rant, thanks. [email protected] [email protected]

  4. @jesse:
    An upgrade to one of the unofficial leaked beta OS’s is highly recommended. Search for (what I’m running on mine) or, they both provide vast improvements in the areas you rant about. seriously. And for real, don’t worry about them being “beta”, its clear every Storm OS release to date has been “beta” in quality, even the versions that are “official” from the carriers. I do not recommend going down the “hybrid” (.106, .109, etc.) route unless you are quite brave and quite blackberry experienced.

  5. Could you please quickly explain how I acquire thus os leak. Just how do I have to do it.
    Do I download it to my computer first then to my phone . And will I lose all my data
    Should I create a back up to save my info first
    What’s the process. Thanks .
    I need blackberry for dummies

  6. Yes, windows PC required.
    All data can be backed up and restored.
    I can’t do justice to the how, numerous blackberry sites give step by step procedures. Google “upgrade blackberry storm firmware”.

  7. Thank you.

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