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Sith Apprentice’s Hybrid OS For The 9530 Storm

frankenstein I heard a little about Sith Apprentice’s new hybrid technique of creating a Frankenstein BlackBerry OS by hacking pieces of each OS together on the BoyGenius. Horizon Wireless let me know about a thread on CrackBerry forums where users are describing their experiences with a custom 9530 Storm that Sith Apprentice released on MegaUpload at this link.

So far people (including theDannelson who started the thread) have quite a few good things to say about this OS that they put together including:

  • Bigger font on keyboard from.90
  • Better speed overall than .99
  • Faster boot up time
  • Transition effects still there from .99 (and previous builds with the exception of .90)
  • Accelerometer speed is the best yet
  • Slacker seems to run faster with more memory free
  • Browsing w/ stock browser is faster
  • Install went very smooth

Check it out at this link on CrackBerry Forums and report back with your findings!

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  1. Thank you for putting this up berryreview. This started out of curiousity and balooned into something huge. I hope to have another version of this build out tonight to see what I can fix about the issues.

    VSOD occassionally
    BBM lockup (has in just about every version)
    Insert media card error (fairly certain its related to VSOD). Without media card its near perfect.

  2. What’s the purpose?
    You would do better with your wasted time helping the homeless or something.

  3. Obviously someone didnt get up on the right side of the bed this morning. The build works better than most, and makes the best of a poor situation. Wasting ones time is posting online saying that something else is crap and not offering any constructive feedback. Many users are happy with the build and that is the reason I released it online.

  4. @sith_apprentice: ignore flamers. the whole lot of them. i am downloading “BlackBerry 9530 – Test Package.msi”, assuming it is the newest. or is there newer?

  5. That is the newest for now. I *should* have a 9500 version and a 9530 version tonight. *should*

  6. I would like to suggest that when we create “hybrid” OS versions that we use letters to indicate new versions instead of continuing the numbering. For example, this hybrid would be (or b). It’s bound to happen that something severely goes wrong with one of these hybrids and this might at least give us all a bit of knowledge ahead of time that the OS was “messed with”.

  7. Sith, ignore morons like crap idiot. You are doing an awesome job. RIM should extend a job offer with nice package to you.
    Keep doing what you are doing. Many appreciate it. Anything for Bold?

  8. First post is updated

  9. Where do you get the update? Or is the one at the top the most current? vers 101?

  10. yeah, i’m not sure what he means by that either. i looked on the crackberry forums too, but nothing jumps out at me. he could have just typed in the wrong window. 🙂

  11. I am installing this version now… I guess I then need to watch for the net version from Sith_Apprentice and forget the ones from BB?

  12. First post in the thread has two links now.

  13. what post/thread? here? crackberry?

  14. i assume you mean this “updated” link from crackberry:

  15. which downloads “BlackBerry 9530”

  16. any chance of a rapidshare link?

  17. hello im with telus and new to the storm9530. i cant get videos to play on you tube? can you help? it says i need the new flash player or something. Also can someone tell me what all this talk about os leaks is about and can i get this software for my storm or is it only for vw customers and can the telus 9530 be unlocked/cracked/or whatever, and why would i need something like this? is it better. im confused, like i said i’m very new to this. any advise would be appriciated. thanks

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