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I know what it’s like to have an xx30 BlackBerry. It seems that you’re always last in the queue, doesn’t it? What’s up with that? I know because I have a friend who has one and he’s always bummed for being left behind in relation to the other Berrys.

Well, you’re not forgotten every time. You’re regarded sometimes and this is one of those times. One very secret BerryReview contributor informed us that OS version for the 8830 is available officially from Bell Mobility.

The secret contributor probably got the information here, but I shall not reveal his name, that’s highly classified information. Another contributor who actually installed this new OS told us about two things noticed so far:

  • no more speakerphone blast; and
  • full screen playback bug in the Media app fixed.

Let us know in the comment section if you find anything else that makes this firmware update worthwhile.

Our usual warnings apply: do not download and install these updates if you don’t know what you’re doing. Incorrect procedure or just bad luck could render your BlackBerry inoperative or unstable.

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  1. Finally, an official release!! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now. Thanks!!

  2. Yaaahooo!
    So all I need now is a 9530 leak upgrade (.99 has been out a week, its time) and my weekend will be completely wiped out… 😉

  3. Memory management appears to be much better plus I have about an extra MB of device memory to start (important with the 8830’s limited memory!).

  4. So can a Verizon customer install this verizon on VZW branded 8830s?

  5. Any chance this fixes the BB Messenger issue where it says you have a new device and need to update your contacts every time the BB is restarted?

    • @JEF: Yes. I did several pulls/reboots and it appears this fixes the problem. You might get the message the first time, but shouldn’t come back again.

      Now if I could only get BBmsgr to give me a correct count of people on my contact list… (I have 1 accepted and 1 pending, but it says Contacts (1/3))

  6. Definitely works on VZW 8830 — just delete the Vendor.xml file to install. (BlackBerry 8830/

  7. I could not get this thing to load on a verizon took forever, Finally got it on the BB but now my password manager is gone, how do i get it back, or how have some of you successfully installed on a verizon

  8. Successful upgrade from .101 to .127 on VZW 8830. Sweet!

    I did not use desktop manager to upgrade. I used loader.exe in the same directory as the vendor.xml you MUST delete or no upgrade is possible.
    BBMessenger is flaked though, tells me I have 9 contacts but only lists 1 of them. I suspect this is related to the “PIN update” issue .101 had. But now they aren’t even shown at all to be able to delete and re-add. Well, my wife is the 1 that DID reappear so that’s what’s important anyway. 😉
    Other than that smooth so far though haven’t played any videos.

    • Thanks for the info i just checked the app loader only and i was missing alot of programs do you think i should wipe the handheld from the handheld or us JL thingy or just upgrade

  9. @pals:
    I suppose what method you use depends on your ability to restore important stuff after. I sync with Outlook on my pc so important stuff like contacts (518 of ’em) are easily restored. Loader.exe should do a full backup of all data and apps and then upgrade device os and restore all data and apps. It did for me but YMMV. I first tried via DM and it said no upgrade available even though vendor.xml deleted, but I have about 10 firmwares on that pc what with my 8830 and 9530 and my wife’s 8130 and buddy’s 8330 so I think DM was confused a bit. 🙂

    I’m not sure what you mean by “missing a lot of programs” so can offer no help there sorry.

    • I think there might be something wrong with DM 4.7 and this OS build, this was the first install of DM on my laptop, hence no previous updates, for my handhlep, its a brand new laptop got yesterday and still couldnt get DM to recognise a new update, even after wiped the handheld with jlcmd application, your regommendation of using the apploader directly is the onlything that worked

  10. You could be right. I too couldn’t get DM 4.7 to do this upgrade, but unknown why. Sounds like you got it with loader.exe so that is good.

    Fwiw, I just did a reboot and when I went into BBM it again asked the update question so not sure that bug is fixed.

  11. i currently have a 8830 with sprint. will this work on it? i currently have running in it & it wont update the new software in the dm 4.7. is there anything else i can do to get it to work?

    • Excuse me, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that DM 4.7 was causing problems to a number of people and should be avoided for the time being. I’ve been telling friends to use DM 4.6 instead. Have you guys considered downgrading to DM 4.6?

  12. @Lex:
    Delete vendor.xml and then use loader.exe like I and pals had to do.

  13. Some suggestions before attempting the upgrade in order to safeguard both data and applications:

    1) Perform a device data backup using the Desktop Manager.

    2) Perform a backup of apps installed OTA using the Desktop Manager — this is a bit more complicated. Initiate the Device Switch Wizard within the Desktop Manager, and let it perform the backup portion of the process. When it prompts for the new device, move the app backup folder from the temp directory (before canceling the process) to a directory of your choice — mine is created in the “…\Local Settings\Tmp\[PIN]” directory. There is a single .alx file plus one .cod file for each application that you have previously installed OTA. If you need to restore for whatever reason, simply point the Desktop Manager or AppLoader (Loader.exe) to the .alx file.

    Great step-by-step instructions fro recovering from a failed upgrade attempt can be found on the BlackBerryFAQ website:

  14. VZW 8830 customer here. It wouldn’t load for me using the Desktop Manager, even with delting the vender.xml file BUT I dug into the folders and found the “Loader.exe” program like you guys recommended. Worked like a charm! I was updated in about 30 minutes tops.
    Offhand, memory management seems a lot better…that .101 release was killing me because I had to soft reset it 2x a day due to the memory leak.

  15. I just upgraded to this version from 4.2. All went smooth. I am not able to view youtube videos though. I get an error message in the media player application stating “The media being played is of an unsupported format”.

    Anyone else getting this? How do I fix this?

  16. Some thoughts on the YouTube issue:

    1) Make sure to use the (i.e., mobile) site.

    2) Make sure that you loaded the attachments service with the OS.

    3) Try another YouTube selection — I have run across an occasional video that wouldn’t playback (same error as you see).

    • It Works!!!! Thanks.

      Now I see some videos don’t play. The sound on the videos are so low though. If I were out in public, it would be hard to hear.

      I like the little mouse in the browser for 4.5. Makes it easy to navigate the web pages.

  17. I have installed on a BB 8830 for Verizon. Took it to Brazil in Global Roaming mode and am getting many spontaneous reboots.

    In the US, the OS has been great and rock solid for connections and apps. Still some sort of memory leak as I start off with almost 9mb free and it whittles down to 2mb over the course of 6-8 hours.

    Apps running:
    Yahoo IM
    Windows IM
    AOL IM
    Google Maps
    Google mobile app
    Google Talk
    Docs to go updated with SheetsToGo 1.006 (051)

  18. I’m a little slow.

    For some reason there is no “apploader” folder in my blackberry directory yet it is in the desktop manager and it runs.

    Cannot find a vendor.xml file either.

    When I run the Bell upgrade exe file, it takes me through the “pick a language and country ” and then I get a message that it was interrupted and it craps out.

    Am I supposed to use the loader program to run the exe?

    Am I deleting the Verzion vendor file or the Bell?

    Please help.

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