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Extra: Viigo recall for Storm users

Software development can be tricky. More often than not, something will go wrong and take a little while to get fixed. It seems Viigo has found itself in that situation recently, so they issued a warning to their users:

If you are running Viigo on a Storm and you have version 3.0.710 of the app, please upgrade. The new release (3.0.861) has a number of important features and enhancements (especially performance) over that of the Alpha (3.0.710). To identify your version, go to Options -> About.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Users of 3.0.710 should remove Viigo from their device first before installing the new one.

You can get the new version from from your browser.


Team Viigo

Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but the bulletin’s almost stern note sounds like there is something in version 3.0.710 that is likely to cause some rather undesired experience. So make sure you upgrade before you reach any negative conclusion.

Thanks to the Viigo team and to our friendly reader for the timely alert.

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  1. I don’t think its something dasardly. They just want people to upgrade to the beta since the alpha had so many bugs and crashed so often???

  2. This isn’t a recall, more of a recommended upgrade.

    We discovered that thousands of users were still using the ALPHA release on the Storm even after our upgrade announcement. Due to the significant improvements in performance and functionality now present in the official BETA, we decided to encourage them to make the switch.

    Our users frequently request that we provide recommended upgrade notices … so expect more alerts of this type.

    Mark Ruddock

  3. When I put 3.0.864 on my Storm, it says it is signing in and fetching my feeds but never does. My feeds exist on It seems unable to fetch my remembered financial, sports, and weather stuff either. I worked with support yesterday but they couldn’t solve and sent issue to developers who I guess haven’t replied yet.

  4. @Mark:
    Curious why refresh interval would matter when I have no feeds??? But I will set to that.

  5. Can you please do me a favour … head to OPTIONS-ACCOUNT and then hit the menu and select RESET VIIGO.

    Sign in again using your user name and password, and wait for the update cycle to complete. Let me know if the feeds have re-appeared.


  6. @Mark:
    If that’s directed at me, see Tammi for all the steps we went through yesterday. I did that several times both before and after doing complete deinstall/reinstall of Viigo. Unless you changed something on your end since I did all that yesterday?

    • David,

      We’ve located the problem – there was a bad feed on your subscription that was causing everything to fail. This ought not to happen of course – we will fix this in a subsequent client release. For now we can resolve this issue quickly by deleting the problem feed. We will send you more information by e-mail.


  7. David it was actually directed at the user who saw no feeds at all after sign-in.

    We’re looking into your issue, it appears to be a rare condition, but we have not yet tracked it down. We are changing some settings on the server … do let us know if the problem get better tomorrow AM.



    • Mark

      Deleted 3.0.861 from Bold this morning

      Re installed

      No Channels coming in from My Viigo

      Flight information still not working

      Deleting again, awaiting upgrade



  8. I haven’t been able to try yet. When you email me too can you tell me which feeds you removed? Thanks.

  9. Grumble grumble feed was crashing me. Got my feeds back on my Storm! Yay, and thanks Tammi and Niranjan and Mark for the help!!!

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