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Google Issues Quick 3.0.1 Bug Fix Update For Google Maps – Here Is Why…

googlelattitude222 I know I am having fun playing with the new Latitude feature in Google Maps for BlackBerry. The privacy issues of Google storing this information is still nagging at me but I just set my location manually for now… On the other hand I think it is pretty cool that you can see peoples Gtalk status messages in Google maps now. If only they would let you chat with people directly through the app…

Many people sent in tips that Google has updated the application from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 very quickly and I thought I would share why. It turns out that there were a few bugs with the initial release that were fixed.

  • BlackBerry: Signing in error with repeated invalid username/password
    If you cannot sign in to Latitude on your BlackBerry after entering a username/password repeatedly and receiving a verification prompt (ie. you need to enter a CAPTCHA or unique set of letters and numbers), you’ll need to download a new version of Google Maps for mobile in order to sign into Latitude. There was a bug in the verification prompt that we have fixed. Please download v3.0.1 by going to on your device.
  • BlackBerry: "Login failed" error
    Please make sure all your device’s permissions for Google Maps are set to ‘Allow’ since signing into Latitude requires secure network connections. See the path to these settings below:
    Options > Advanced Options > Applications > Google Maps > Edit Permissions (using the BlackBerry menu button)

If you are having either of those errors pick up the latest version at:

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