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UPDATED: YouMail Releases Their Own Free Visual Voicemail BlackBerry Application

UPDATE: Seems like YouMail changed the download link to Thanks Jordan!

It looks like YouMail realized how popular the free VyMail application was and decided to develop their own. YouMail let me know that they will be offering a free Visual Voicemail Plus application for the BlackBerry including the Storm, Pearl, Curve, & Bold. They specifically mention OS 4.3+ being a requirement. This will connect you to your free or premium YouMail service. It will give you access to visual voicemail along with a bunch of other YouMail features including:

  • Quickly and easily scroll through incoming voicemail messages to see relevant caller information including caller name, time of call, and length of message
  • Play voicemails by simply clicking on them
  • Easily share and forward voicemails as an email or post to a blog or social networking sites using a simple cut and paste feature
  • Delete, archive or save voicemails, forever

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People who subscribe to the free or premium transcription service will also get their transcriptions in the application. You will also be able to access parts of your account like personalizing greetings and voicemail filtering.

Details from the press release:

YouMail’s Visual Voicemail Plus application for Blackberry phones will initially be available to customers running Blackberry O/S version 4.3 or later on T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T Wireless phones. To access YouMail’s free, downloadable, native application, users can go to on a Blackberry device or visit online. Blackberry users who are not existing YouMail customers can then sign up using their Blackberry device and activate YouMail directly from the visual voicemail application.

YouMail’s Blackberry application was built entirely on top of its open API. The API allows developers to write their own applications that extend YouMail’s offerings to handset applications, browser plug ins, widgets, and more. Further, the API provides revenue opportunities for developers through YouMail’s affiliate program. This API is a first among existing voicemail applications and takes YouMail from a stand-alone service to a mobile platform. The open API is now in limited beta and to participate in the limited beta program, developers can contact YouMail with suggested application project details at [email protected].

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  1. Is it just me or is this really an app?

    I downloaded it but all i get is a shortcut to their
    Site. What am i doing wrong?

  2. Why does your Gmaps look like the regular icoN?

  3. The PIN code field is too short. It only allows for 4 charecters

  4. Sorry everybody. YouMail changed their download link after issuing the press release. You can pick up the app OTA at

  5. I downloaded it, but keep getting there was an error in retrieving your account infomation

  6. This app is awesome. So far alot better than vymail. However, it still does not play the voicmail through my bluetooth headset. Anyone have any ideas?

  7. We need a comparison between this and VyMail. I really like VyMail, but space is limited. Which takes up less space?

  8. same problem as David. Do you have to take VyMail off?

  9. I removed vymail before installing this and I didn’t have any problems getting it to work.

  10. Does this use SMS? I had to allow SMS send and receive when installing this app. I hope it will not do any SMS because I don’t have an SMS plan.

  11. I downloaded youmail and had my friend leave a message. I can see the message details in the youmail app but it doesn’t allow me to play it. It when I press down on the voicemail, it gives me two options only: upload contact and new messages, neither play the message, someone help?

    • i had this problem too. but it’s working fine on my storm now ( i changed my phone type from blackberry “other” (since the storm wasn’t listed) to “8830”). just to be safe, i also checked the box “attach the audio file as (mp3) file” (found under my account/alerts). and to be extra safe, once i made these changes to my account, i uninstalled and re-installed and that seemed to fix my problem. i’m now able to play back my voice messages.

      works fine on my phone, but my only complaints are 1: volume is not very loud (and can’t seem to adjust volume), 2) even though it can import contacts, it doesn’t import the associated contact pictures – i imported my gmail address book and 3) even though it works fine on my storm, the touchscreen isn’t supported so you have the keyboard that takes up half of the screen.

      but for a free app and service, it’s pretty sweet.

  12. I can’t play the voicemail on the app. Ideas?

  13. it downloaded all the files to my device memory…….(maybe because the 8220 was attached at the time to my pc) so that was flag #1. i could see the bars turning green but i could not play anything……i uninstalled, rebooted reinstalled and now it cant log in…….so back to vymail for me………was good….

  14. CONCLUSION: YouMail VV Plus doesn’t work. VyMail works and uses slightly less memory. Choice is crystal clear.

  15. I’m getting tons of uncaught exceptions when I installed.
    Im using a bold with os
    Now redownloading VyMail as I type… anyone having the same issue?

  16. Hahaha. I’m quite sure it’s a nice app if your passcode is 4 characters or shorter. =)

  17. Haven’t downloaded yet, but what a shame, since the developer of VyMail is a really nice guy. Also, all the Marketing Calls YouMail sends me lately make me wary of continuing their service, much less uploading my contacts to them.

  18. i had problems with youmail this morning. kept getting an error message “network delays. audio still downloading” when trying to play voicemails. sent an email to support, but they never go back to me. instead, later tonight, the program prompted me to upgrade…which was a little confusing, because on my storm, the keyboard is static and i couldn’t tell i had scrolled down to the bottem of the upgrade notice. instead, the program downloads the ota in the background. to make a long story short, after the upgrade, it’s working again. newest version is 0.93.14

  19. what’s up with all the updates? was prompted to update to 0.93.16 tonight. updated and rebooting now…more after the jump.

    • the newest version seems to be running fine on my storm. messages are playable. i’ve configured my account to also email me mp3 voicemail files…and that function seems to be working as well. works fine for me.

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