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What Ever Happened To Facebook 1.5…

facebookappforblackberry.gifEarlier this week Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook has 25 million people using their mobile site every month. They have about 4 million daily customers. Pretty crazy.

The interesting part is that the BlackBerry and iPhone Facebook applications are about neck in neck with daily active users. The BlackBerry application has 1.56 million daily active users compared to the iPhone’s 1.64 million. Not bad for a device that just recently started focusing on the general consumer. On the other hand the iPhone does not have as large of a user base…

It makes me wonder why the BlackBerry Facebook application has not seen a significant update since it launched. It is one of the most popular Facebook applications yet it will still not let you do something as simple as view your wall or view photo albums without going to the mobile site. The only real updates we have seen is for newer devices and removing the “is” from status updates.

It was a step backwards when RIM released Facebook 1.3 and then pulled it. On the other hand Facebook 1.5 that Kevin leaked was supposed to launch in early January.

So I have to ask. What is RIM and Facebook waiting for? They wet our appetite with the current application but it could do so much more…

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  1. i thought i read a few months back that a new version was coming (and also myspace), but haven’t seen anything about it since. *sigh*

  2. It is up to the carriers to push this out. I know of one that will start this Friday.

    • which carrier? I been wondering since it was said it be out in January but no word on it since it was originally reported about.

    • That only applies to those in the Application Center on the Storm. Facebook and Myspace are available from RIM’s website for any BB on any carrier.

      I’m guessing they just aren’t ready OR they are waiting to launch them at the same time as the full blown AppStore.

  3. I was just thinking about this the other day. I would love to see this com out soon!

  4. So, are the versions 1.3 and 1.5 mentioned in the article working/safe to install?

  5. SocailScope is good, and getting better every week because the dev team really listens to feedback and fixes issues right away. I de-installed FB 1.3 because SocialScope now has many more features.

  6. @jryker: why are the carriers responsible for pushing this out??

    RIM have always made it available from their website…

  7. I’ve got 1.3 on my 8830 and it has worked fine. The app needs an update though and that’s the truth!

  8. Ya, I thought we were going to see an update months ago! I was all pumped for more functionality, and now nothing!

    Maybe they’re tweaking it more so it works better with the new format of FB, allowing you to comment on statuses, etc. and the new Home page.

    Anyway, any update would be very welcome.

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