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Updated Link: HOT! 8130 & 8330 OS Officially Released By Sprint! Now With MMS Support


This release is not totally new for 8330 users considering the beta came out last week unofficially. On the other hand this is officially supported by RIM and if you update your service books you will also get MMS support. (Who sends those anyways…) That and 8130 users have another reason to be happy. Sadly the 8830 seems to be left out in the cold.

You can find the downloads now on RIM’s site at this link

Software For BlackBerry® Curve (TM) 8330 smartphone

BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.5.0.188 (Multilanguage)

Package Version:
Consisting of:

  • Applications:
  • Software Platform:
  • File name: 8330uAMEA_PBr4.5.0_rel188_PL3.4.0.25_A4.5.0.131_Sprint.exe
  • File size: 82.03MB

Thanks DavidB, Steve, Dominik & DavidH

Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Keep the tips coming!

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  1. First your welcome peeps, but I keep getting red X’s to each MMS I try to send.

  2. Is this for cmda pearl 8130?

  3. FYI – Ive been running this on my 8330 for two weeks and NO SPEAKERBLAST and absolutely no other problems.

  4. The link you have above is no more…..i get this when you click on it…….The page you have requested has been moved or no longer exists

  5. Thanks for the link but i have one question will this work for my 8130 cmda pearl?
    I,m with telus. Waiting for anyone responds.

  6. Can this one be used for Rogers 8310 Curve? Is 8330 software compatible with 8310?

  7. AJ No it isn’t possible

  8. Please can anyone tell me if this will work on CMDA 8130 PEARL from telus????????
    I dont know if sprint is CMDA or GMS.

  9. Do the MMS service books work on old OSes? In other words, will MMS work if I just resend the service books?

  10. I finished installing it on my Sprint 8130 at 5pm California time and it works great.
    It backed everything up first and installed everything except my “Address book” and ” Calendar”, and “Tasks”. When I open the Desktop Manager with the device pluged in, I get a message “Failed to conect to device. Please make sure that the device is properly connected and try again”.
    The Desktop Manager shows my “pin number”, but when I open “backup” an ERROR: There was a communication error between the device and the Desktop Manager”. (4.7)
    Any help would be appreciated; I have about 300 contacts that need to be installed in the device.

  11. You DO realize that the OS update had nothing to do with MMS right? They just chose this time to provide the service book that unlocked this feature,

  12. will this work on Verizon’s 8330?

  13. If you already have the OS from previous post, just resend your service books to get the MMS options.

  14. Install it with no problem. I don’t see the mms because telus doesn’t have it yet for our blackberries.
    No new memory that I can see. It does have memory leaks has I went from 11 million bytes to 4 million bytes in half an hour of playing around on my phone. I think I will go back to

  15. Is anyone else having the problem where, after you click on Application Loader > Update Software BDM shows two different Software packages?

    I installed BDM and the above 8330 link on a new computer, that had never had either installed on before, and I get the following… (and, yeah, I deleted the vendor.xml file)

    Select the updates to install on your device.

    BlackBerry 4.5 (Preferred); Version:
    BlackBerry for 8330; Version:

    When I uncheck the (Preferred) option and check the option and press Next BDM says ‘No software update is required for your device’

    Thing is, I did a javaloader -usb wipe before I plugged the BB into my computer, so there isn’t a OS on there right now.

    I don’t know what to do. BDM REALLY wants to install .77

    • You can either disable net access to the RIM Auto Updater in your firewall, or unplug your internet connection before updating.

      I had the same issue and I just blocked access through a software firewall.

  16. Anyone else noticing that there’s a noticeable lag in the backlight turning on after you press something to turn it back on?

    My screen sleeps after 30 seconds, and normally when I press down on the trackball, it lights right back up.

    But now it sometimes takes up to 2 seconds to turn on.

    I’ll probably wipe the OS and do the manual update, instead of going from .77 to .131


    At first I thought it was because maybe something went wrong with the restore from my backup.

    But I just wiped it and threw .131 on and, yeah, the lag is still there. I dunno – maybe it’s because I left the password on without first removing it and then wiping?

    I’ll try that. I didn’t restore from anything before.

  17. I thought that 4.5 also supported html ign your email?

  18. i thought that 4.5 also supported html in your email but…

  19. how can i disable the firewall of my mlackberry 8310? plz help me

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