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Bold OS Found Online!

The saga continues. 🙂 Our buddy Kevin over at CrackBerry spotted OS for the BlackBerry Bold. Not sure what is new but they have a good discussion going on in the forums about it.

Download @ Megaupload

Let us know what you find in the new OS versions in the comments below. Keep the tips coming!

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Downloading now… will let you know what i find!

  2. Handles javascript much better now… not perfect, but better.

    More memory available. I’m sitting on 55MB after a reboot and all apps I normally use (and after using CrackMem).

    Phone overall does seem a decent bit faster.

    Seems to be handling the 3G to EDGE back to 3G much better now. And, NO before anyone asks or suggests, its NOT a tower issue – I’m in a 5 bar 3G area and my Bold will go to EDGE on certain days and won’t go back unless I reboot. It doesn’t seem to take forever anymore. Much needed fix.

  3. Best OS so far, finally replaces .216

  4. on first glance, under options, where it used to say “Profiles” it now says “Profiles (Ring Tones)…. still poking around

  5. To all…this is the best build for the Bold, hands down.
    Boot time is variable but acceptable. Speed is good, and all bugs are eliminated in the video playback. Picture slide show is smooth but there is a dark screen that appears between the pictures shown.
    Background picture stays after any reboot.
    I recommend this version over .219 or .228.

  6. FINALLY the wallpaper bug is gone!

  7. What about the SMS problem in the .219 version? it gone??

  8. I installed on my bold! Now i got just 70 caracters in the sms messages!! OMG!!
    Somebody know someting about this issues?
    May can be repared whitout go back to my old .216?
    I appreciate any help!

  9. I’ve installed on my Bold, and I find a bug. When I use language, POrtuguese, the function 2 x space do not turn it into a . (dot)

  10. anybody else notice a shorter battery life? or am i just crazy?

  11. Battery life is shorter…not as bad as the first releases but not as good as the last 3 Beta releases

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