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How Much Would You Pay For A BlackBerry App? $119.95?

Robert sent me a PDF comparison chart of S4BB’s task manager applications. Normally I would not give this information much weight but there was one little tidbit that caught my eye. S4BB’s NextAction pro will be retailing for $119.95!!! I bought a copy of Windows XP OEM for less than that…

Now for the kicker. The big new features differentiating the regular NextAction ($39.95) application from the upcoming Pro version are:

  • VoiceAction Support – no typing required anymore; record your voice as a Voice Action
  • Task Priority Support
  • Enhanced BlackBerry Bold Support


Those must be pretty compelling to convince somebody to spend 3 times as much… Especially considering you can do most of the features with the native task app, voice recorder, or Vlingo for free.

Here is me hoping that the very professional PDF is wrong or S4BB is planning a 70% discount out the door. If you are interested in checking out NextAction Pro you can sign up for their Beta program at this link.

So I am really curious. Would you consider paying over $100 for a BlackBerry application? How about $50+? Personally $20 is the max in my opinion and it really has to be worth it…

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  1. There are TONS of free quality iPhone apps (and crapware) and blackberry should take a good long look at their system. Of course, developers and RIM should have little interest or incentive to propagate “free” ware, but there are a lot of bb apps that offer good functionality that should have been native to begin with.

    Here’s hoping the bb app storefront marks a new era in offering quality, affordable applications for their crackberry nation.

  2. I paid 90ish for my SSH application – rove mobile ssh – but they have now discontinued instead selling a bundled together app that’s around 500/seat which is frankly extortionate, so I guess 100ish is about my cut-off for a very good product

    • Volcane, you are right, $500 for a mobile application IS extortion but that’s not what Rove Mobile Admin is. Mobile Admin is a server-based piece of enterprise software that enables the administration of your IT environment from a mobile device. The only thing mobile about it is the client you use (BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, Android or a web browser), all the logic/smarts is in the server software.

      We would never position our product as an “app” for your device…sorry if there was some confusion about that.


      • I realize what Rove admin is, however I do not need any of that, all I need is a SSH client, and Rove is one of the only viable options, the opensource ones all suck.

        So for me, you’re selling a 500 buck ssh client unfortunately.

        And since my 100 now is wasted since I bought a piece of software that will soon be unsupported I’m probably going to have to defect to the iphone or google phone platform.

  3. Well if you can it to make my coffee in the morning….Then I would pay about 60 No more then that!

  4. Based on the other prices, isn’t there a chance that it’s a typo and it should be $19.95?

  5. @Katie
    I thought so too but that would make pro version cost half as much as the regular version…

  6. Wow! This has to be a typo!! Seriously,,,I mean,,, dang!
    Wouldn’t spend 120 bucks on an app for my berry just as I wouldn’t buy a car stereo as expensive as my car..(IMO)
    As noted, u can do all it does with the native/ free apps but with some effort..
    Most I’m prepared to fork is 20bucks n that still pushing it..

  7. $120 USD? Yeah right. I loved ToDo Matrix (and all the Rex Wireless stuff, I debated buying the Platinum pack) but it was just too expensive to warrant the purchase. Sure it is nice but I can think of alot better things to blow the money on especially in these hard times.

  8. Personally ToDo Matrix is a killer application. I have Idea Matrix too. Run my business with them. totally worth it.

  9. Definitely not. I have a hard enough time justifying anything near $20 for an app for this phone. But businesses purchasing this would be a different matter.

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