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Bolt Browser 0.83 Released – Unlimited Download Referral Code

A bit back we let you know that Bolt had released a beta of their upcoming BlackBerry browser to a limited number of users. Bolt let me know that they have now opened up the floodgates with unlimited downloads using the code “berryreview” at this link.

The new version 0.83 of their beta brings quite a number of BlackBerry specific improvements:

  • APN configuration automated for BlackBerry devices.  BOLT now auto-detects network details.  This will eliminate the "internet not available" error messages, and manual APN configuration requirements, some BlackBerry users were experiencing.
  • BlackBerry dedicated back key support. Also supported on some SE devices.
  • BlackBerry scrolling enhancements.  Scrolling on track ball BlackBerry devices is now faster and smoother.
  • BlackBerry-specific enhancements to match BlackBerry system short cuts such as  "." when space is pressed in URL mode.
  • System fonts will be utilized instead of Bitstream fonts for lists and options, resulting in increased usability.
  • Improved server support, resulting in a more stable browsing experience.
  • Automatic reconnect after client/server disconnect
  • Usability enhancements for URL, Favorites and History entry and management.
  • Instant switching between landscape and portrait modes (this formerly required a server round trip).  This should also enhance user experience on accelerometer powered devices such as the BlackBerry Storm.
  • Auto-Update.  When a new release is available, BOLT will prompt users to download and install the new release directly from BOLT.
  • Blackberry Specific Scrolling/navigation enhancements including space to page down one screen and space+shift to page up one screen,  ‘t’ to jump to top of page, ‘b’ to jump to bottom.
  • Double tap/double click as a shortcut to toggle between zoom out split screen mode,  and full screen mode.

If you like the browser and want to be quoted in their future PR & advertising efforts shoot them an email at [email protected].  If you run into any issues you can report them using the support form located at this link.

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  1. I think I signed up previously, but I just signed up just now again, got the e-mail from them right away with the download link, but now get “ERROR: Some issue in query: URL Expired”

  2. Still lags way too much when I try to scroll. Was hoping this version would fix it. Guess my 8830 can’t handle it.

  3. Funny, just this morning I was about to delete it because it was terrible on my 8830. I will let you know how it progresses though….

  4. I think it’s improved, especially the scrolling problem (although it still scrolls too slowly horizontally on my 8330). And nice to see they took care of the reconnect issue. It beats Opera Mini hands down (although it’s been a while since I used that one), at least at page rendering.

  5. Not sure though why the developer(s) are too stupid to design an icon that looks halfway decent on the Bold. The resolution is what I am referring to…. its all 2004ish with its jaggies and low-rezzishness. Not that hard to act like your product came out recently. Look the part morons.

  6. I actually think the browser itself is much improved. Still has major memory issues. It hogs the device from time to time. And the horizontal scroll is not fixed, vertical is though. Zooming is still too hard. Mobile view should convert the page to a mobile column view, but it doesn’t.

  7. This version is much better than the last one 0.73 on my Bold. Here are the list of issues as far as I’m concerned that got fixed:
    Scroll issues: Gone, maybe a bit slow but better than toooooooo fast.
    Password sign in: finally works.
    Streaming video: it works off of the original Youtube link but you have to save the file first. didn’t work as the rest of the browsers.
    Back button: works now.
    Speed: don’t get me wrong, but a super fast web browser…just got faster.

    This is the real deal if you ask me….I am not regretting this download of 163 KB on my phone…ever

  8. I don’t know what the deal is, but I’ve never been able to get this to install properly on my Verizon 8330 curve. I’ve tried literally 40+ times since the original announcement. I get to the point of downloading the install and I get an error: “907 Invalid JAR
    The page you requested could not be loaded; it is too large for the device.”

    Just about every app I have installed on my curve is installed on my 4GB media card (Aerize Cardloader rocks!), so I know I’ve got plenty of space. I’ve tried battery pulls. I’ve tried installing it to internal memory as well as on my media card. I’ve tried every version of the download, but the instructions explicitly say to download the unsigned build…

    …How are people getting this to load on their BBC’s?

    Every email I’ve sent to the author just says “download it again” despite providing error information and error log details.

    I’m about ready to give up here…but I’d love to see what this browser is like.

    are there any known incompatibilities with other programs out there?


  9. I cannot download version .83. I gegt an application 910 error. UGH

  10. I can’t open any of the links. Support said to just sign up again. After 8 attempts..I’m stopping.

  11. Clymmer, I’m in the same boat as you. Gettiing tired of trying to download. What going on with this?

  12. Aha! Finally figured out the Bolt install problem for my Verizon 8330 Curve…Woot! I had too many apps/themes installed at one time. I had thought that Aerize Card Loader alleviated that concern…but apparently, it did not. Once I removed about 8 of my themes & about 10-12 other apps that I didn’t really find myself using after I installed them or just found them frivolous or duplicative…Bolt finally installed fine.

    It’s a shame that the error messages I had received from the Bolt installer were totally misleading. The only reason I explored uninstalling apps/themes is because the install of a different app gave me a memory error.

    Whew…now to check out this browser…FINALLY!

  13. Am I the only one that LOVES the double tap feature on the Storm?

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