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Storm 9530 OS Found online

Ronen is on vacation, but still keeps busy. He just let me know that our friend Kevin over at has found the newest OS for the Storm 9530, version

I don’t own a Storm so I can’t say what has changed or what updates this new version brings, but I am sure that many of you have been waiting for an upgrade for this smartphone hit.


You can either follow the link below to the download or you can find more information here at


Let us know of any issues or changes you find.

Enjoy, but first heed our usual reminder: install at your own risk. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may crash your BB.

UPDATE: the first posts in the comment section hint that this update makes the Storm function considerably better. Most likely worth trying. Thanks, sovak75.

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  1. Observations:

    * NO memory card error or VSOD on first boot or boot after battery pull
    * Now running several apps newer than those in the Application Center (Yahoo, Google Talk, Windows Live, AIM, and of course VZNav which was that way before) Facebook still shows as not being installed even though it is.
    * Lost registration key for Storm Lock, settings for Viigo and Weatherbug Direct (this is not new)
    * Did not need to re-update Docs To Go (didn’t on .90 either but prior releases I had to)
    * Interface seems as smooth as .90 which was an improvement over .86 for me
    * Accelerometer is even faster than before
    * Transitions are back and faster thanbefore
    * The follow my finger thing from the pre .8x releases is still gone and I think at this point we can assume it is gone for good.
    * Camera: not as much delay with the focus and trigger but about the same picture quality (still needs a lot of improvement)

    • Thank you for the feedback

    • update is great and everything seems improved..but i DID have one complaint….i had my own personal image set for my home screen, well after the update, the image became zoomed in on the home page..when i go to options from the main menu and try to adjust it, it will not work, no matter what.. i never had this problem before

      • Battery pull should fix that. Otherwise go into media and “reset home screen image” and then re-specify the image you want as home screen image.

      • I have the same problem with the home screen image. It used to fit the screen but since the update it only covers about 80% of the screen. A battery pull or reset did not resolve fix it. Oh well it’s not a major problem, only an annoyance.

  2. what about 9500?

  3. Downloading now.

  4. Installed fine. It’s definitely an improvement from .90. Here’s some of the issues it fixed for me. I’ll post more once I get more time to test it out.

    Camera speed is much faster
    pause & wait functions work in auto dial again
    transitions between screens are faster
    loading & browsing media faster

    So far the best release yet for me.

  5. How are the main screen fonts?

  6. With .90 I had to reboot the phone every 4 hours. So far this update is MUCH more stable as well as faster.

    The Storm is finally worth the money. It just took awhile.

  7. For those wondering:

    YES this does fix the issue where images taken with the camera weren’t consistently being ‘taken’ or saved.

    Very good update, I’d wager this is the one I keep hearing about that Telus and Verizon are releasing this month… or at least very close to it.

  8. OMG this is WAY better, finally a release I can use. Not sure about others but on .90 when I played music it would reboot for no reason. That seems to be fixed. No more memory card errors, no more random Verizon black screen lock ups.

    Feels faster and all over good. First release that feels like a RTM.

    Camera still needs to be fixed, slow and unreliable.

  9. This may be a silly thing to suggest, but for those of you who are saying the quality of the images taken with the camera needs improvement: do you have image stabilization turned on? I found that once I enabled that option my images turned out much clearer.

  10. Also fixed the suretype keyboard issue in the web browser.

  11. Got that ‘APA Application Error [RESET]’ error thing 3 times today. I’ve only ever had it once before this update.

  12. WARNING: If you use MMS to send pics alot, you probably want to skip this one. That feature is broken and you cant send pics that are not taken by the phone camera.

  13. i agree with most folks on here…this is by far the best upgrade so far. i had upgraded to .90, but downgraded back to .75 because of all of the bugs. but .99 has fixed all of them, so it seems to be a pretty stable os. i do miss the scrolling in .75. the scrolling in .90 seems a little rigid, whereas .75 seemed a little smoother. this is worth the upgrade.

    • Try sending an MMS with a picture NOT taken with the phone camera and see what happens.

      Feature BROKEN 🙁 Hope the next leak happens sooner rather than later.

      • sovak75: i just sent a mms attaching a picture not taken from the phone to myself…twice in fact (once to my mobile, and another to a regular email address), and it surprisingly worked for me.

  14. You seem to be one of the few not effected. If you read around on crackberry it does seem to effect the majority of users. I’m someone who generally does not see most of the bugs people complain about, I guess karma says it is my turn 🙁 If this was my main line this wold force me to downgrade.

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