Premium HedoneDesign Se7en Theme for the 8100, 8300, 8800 & 9000 – First 20 to purchase get 20% Off!


This theme has been out for more than a few days but this has been my first chance to actually play around with it. HedoneDesign’s Premium ‘Se7en’ theme is the bomb! Without a doubt, one of his nicest themes to date (although I tend to say that about every theme he designs as they just keep getting better and better). Se7en is made up of vivid, abstract blue backgrounds and colorful icons. I’m more of a Mac gal so I don’t know too much about Windows but this is an extremely well formulated theme design with lots of neat little goodies. The main screen features a few top bars on the right which display, time, carrier and your message indicators. The bottom dock has 5 customizable icons and the neat little goodie I was telling you about is the bottom right 3 icons. The Profiles icon takes you to ‘Profiles’ (of course) but the Battery indicator icon, if you click on it, actually takes you to Options and the Signal meter to your ‘Manage Connections’. So they have dual purposes! Very innovative and convenient. Not to mention the theme itself is very attractive and from what I’m hearing around, a new favorite theme of many BB users (even the ones who rarely change themes).

Se7en is available for 8100, 8300, 8800 & 9000 (there are different versions for some devices so check out the links here and here for more info) and costs $7.00. However, if you are one of the first 20 to purchase this theme through our Berryreview Store, you can get a 20% discount (works on all versions)! Just enter BerryReviewSe7en at checkout. Hurry quick as the coupon expires February 2nd!

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  1. Yep this theme is great, the first truly impression make of the Windows 7 OS. We love it over at G Style Magazine as well! :o)

  2. I’m really upset, I wish I had realized that the the curve was different from the bold theme, I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise.

  3. It’s not bad. One of the better premium themes I’ve seen.

    The dialogs (password entry, menus) could be a bit sleeker. The password dialog on the lock screen covers the sidebar indicators. Also, there is something up with the messages view on the home screen. Sometimes unread messages don’t appear and the silouette of previous items stick around after being read.

    Not sure if the last two items are theme issues though. Probably more to do with either plasmic or the bb OS.

    My two cents.

  4. I bought this theme for a curve and I am very disappointed.

    The two blocks on the upper and lower right side look like something is missing and an empty space is just filled up with something blue.

    Second: the display of number of unread messages is nearly impossible to read (white font w/ low contrast). Third “-“: The bold white font on the bottom of the page (e.g. pic number 5: OPTIONS) has no sharpness.

    Overall: nice looking theme for the Bold; not worth the money for the CURVE.

    • I was disappointed also. I have a Curve and got the Today Plus version. The text on the home page was running together and some of the type wasn’t sharp at all.

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